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Economy & Jobs 10-01-2020

Multi-million EU research grants stir debate in Italy

A scathing article critising the generous grants allocated by the European Research Council (ERC) appeared in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera on Sunday (5 January), reviving a long-running debate in Italy over the poor state of the country's research.
Elections 08-01-2020

Allied with far-left, Spain’s Sanchez stays on as PM

Spain's parliament on Tuesday (7 January) narrowly confirmed Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez as premier for another term, paving the way for the country's first-ever coalition government since its return to democracy in the 1970s.
Languages & Culture 26-11-2012

Catalan election leaves separatist camp divided

Separatists in Spain's Catalonia won regional elections yesterday (25 November) but failed to get a resounding mandate for a referendum on independence, which had threatened to pile political uncertainty on top of Spain's economic woes.

ERC grants for young researchers to spark ‘brain-gain’

The European Research Council (ERC) received many applications in response to its first call for proposals. Among the 9,167 proposals received, a significant number came from outside the EU, says the ERC.

Politics kept out of European Research Council

At the official launch of the European Research Council in Berlin, politicians have welcomed the announcement that EU-funded research will finally be based on excellence and independent decisions by scientists, without interference from politics.

ERC’s peer review to be interdisciplinary and forward-looking

The European Research Council's (ERC) peer review process for selection of the first researcher grants is set to be forward-looking and to encourage interdisciplinarity.

European Research Council reveals its launch strategy

In its start up phase, the European Research Council will give priority to supporting careers of independent excellent researchers with around 300 million euro a year. 

Commission supports freedom of science and innovation

Commissioners Jan Figel and Janez Poto?nik assure that both the future European Institute of Technology and the European Research Council will be scientifically free and independent from political influence.

Figel: Higher education system needs major reforms

Ján Figel urges three major higher education reforms in order for universities to deliver on innovation and competitiveness: professional management, EU standard for university qualifications and unity of the European university system.

European Research Council – how independent should it be?

The Competitiveness Council remains divided over the legal status of the future European Research Council (ERC).

Interview: Helga Nowotny on European Research Council

The Commission's proposal on FP7 foresees the creation of an independent European Research Council (ERC) to boost European basic research. Dr. Helga Nowotny, a member of ERC's scientific council updated EURACTIV on the recent developments and the current state of play at the Council.

UK Presidency to redraft the FP7 proposal

The UK presidency has announced that, based on discussions of the Competitiveness Council, it will present a compromise redraft of the Commission's proposal on FP7.

Asia catching up with Europe on research output

Thanks to economic growth and increasing research funding the Asian nations, led by China, are catching up with Europe and the US in terms of the number of science publications produced.

Governing body of the European Research Council formed

The composition of the 22 member Scientific Council of the future European Research Council has been revealed.

Scientists’ appeal for basic research in Europe

Forty-four European organisations representing several hundred thousand researchers in all scientific disciplines are calling on research ministers to establish a European Research Council (ERC) with a budget that corresponds to socio-economic expectations. 

European research budget in dire straits

The Luxembourg Presidency's proposal to cut the proposed doubling of the FP7 budget drastically has triggered alarm bells in the Commission and the academic world.

European Research Council urgently needed, say 52 scientific organisations

Fifty two European scientific organisations have signed a mass petition calling for urgent action on the establishment of a European Research Council (ERC).

Expert Group backs creation of European Research Council

An interim report of the European Research Council Expert Group concludes that there are compelling reasons for the establishment of a European Research Council.