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Climate change 27-05-2010

Electromobility: Still a long way to the mass market

For various reasons, from rising oil prices to changing consumer preferences, the number of electric cars will rise steadily in the coming years. Yet there are a variety of factors which mean that the technology is still far from suitable for mass production, including technical issues as well as political ones, writes Eric Heymann of Deutsche Bank (DB) Research in an April paper.
Transport 22-09-2008

Aviation sector crisis: There will be consolidation, but not a bloodbath

A combination of rising oil prices and weakening demand is "hitting the aviation industry harder than virtually every other sector," according to Eric Heymann of DB Research.
Transport 12-07-2007

Some like it hot: Climate change and sectors

The regulatory market economy dimension of climate change will affect European industry sectors much earlier than the environmental-climatic dimension, writes Eric Heymann in a 5 July research paper for Deutsche Bank.