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Security 24-09-2002

New US defence doctrine puzzles European allies

The Bush administration's new National Security Strategy is perceived as an attempt to maintain the US military hegemony by Washington's European allies.
Security 26-07-2002

EU troops in Macedonia no longer needed?

The Macedonian Foreign Minister, Slobodan Casule, has stated that Macedonia no longer needs the European Union peace-keeping troops.
Security 25-07-2002

Belgium proposes mutual security guarantees for EU members

Belgium's Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, has proposed that the EU establishes military headquarters and prepares for collective response in case of a large-scale terrorist attack.

Greece continues to oppose Turkish participation in EU defence policy

The Greek government has announced that Greece will continue blocking any proposals allowing non-member Turkey to have a say in EU defence policy.
Security 11-04-2002

Parliament adopts resolution on EU security and defence

The European Parliament adopted a resolution that supports the decisions to set up an EU police mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the first EU peace-keeping mission in Macedonia.
Security 25-03-2002

EU prepares to take over peace-keeping mission in Macedonia

The defence ministers of the 15 EU Member States discussed preparations for taking over the command of the international peace-keeping force in Macedonia later this year.
Security 13-03-2002

Greece ready to discuss EU-NATO cooperation on European defence

The Greek Foreign Minister, Tassos Yannitsis, stated on 12 March that Athens was ready to discuss its reservations regarding the EU Rapid Reaction Force with the Spanish Presidency.
Security 04-03-2002

Britain says EU not ready to send peace-keeping force to Macedonia

The British government has expressed serious concern that the EU Rapid Reaction Force is not yet able to take over a peace-keeping mission from NATO in Macedonia in June.
Security 12-02-2002

Italy to command peace-keeping force in Macedonia

The Italian Defence Minister, Antonio Martino, stated that Italy was asked to take over Germany's command of the international peace-keeping force in Macedonia. EU Foreign Ministers decided at their meeting in Cáceres, Spain, on 9 February, that the Union should take over the responsibility for the Macedonian peace force from NATO.
Security 29-01-2002

EU takes on policing role in Bosnia

The 15 EU foreign ministers agreed on 28 January to send a 500-strong police force to Bosnia to replace the United Nations-led International Police Task Force. The decision gives a boost to the EU's new security and defence policy, which was declared operational at the Summit of Laeken in December.
Security 25-01-2002

EU armament industry concerned with technological gap

Leaders of European armament industries, gathering in Brussels for a conference on defence research and development, said that the EU should reduce the technological gap with the US. The conference, organised by GPC International, called for more investment in EU defence technology that currently reaches only 26 per cent of the US level.
Security 25-01-2002

EP calls for greater Europeanisation of defence industries

The European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee adopted a draft resolution calling for a greater synergy between national and multi-national defence projects in Europe.

Spanish Presidency plans to boost EU security policy

The Spanish Presidency intends to give a boost to the European Security and Defence Policy as a means to increase Europe's presence on the international stage. The Spanish Prime Minister, José María Aznar said that fight against terrorism should become one of the policy's objectives.
Security 11-12-2001

EU defence force under threat

Greece has blocked the agreement between EU diplomats and Turkey on European rapid reaction force. The agreement, negotiated by British, Dutch and American diplomats, would give the EU access to NATO's military equipment and planning capabilities.
Security 07-12-2001

Greece disputes EU-Turkey defence agreement

Greece, an EU member, has warned that it may block the deal with Turkey on European rapid reaction force. Turkey had earlier announced that it was ready to drop its objections to NATO sharing its military equipment and planning capabilities with the EU rapid reaction force.
Security 03-12-2001

Turkey lifts veto on NATO assistance to EU military force

Turkey announced over the weekend that it is ready to drop its objections to NATO sharing its military equipment and planning capabilities with the EU rapid reaction force. Ankara said that negotiations between Turkey, NATO and the EU have produced a basis for cooperation.
Security 23-11-2001

NATO draws Russia closer

NATO and Russia have launched a new strategic partnership at a meeting between NATO Secretary General George Robertson and the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on 22 November. Lord Robertson presented the British proposal to offer Russia a say in some NATO decisions.
Security 20-11-2001

EU recognises the need to speed up its defence plans

The foreign and defence ministers of the 15 EU Member States recognised the need to speed up their common defence policy in the aftermath of the 11 September terrorist attacks. The EU foreign and security policy chief Javier Solana urged the Member States to put more resources into the planned rapid reaction force, to be set up by 2003.
Security 19-10-2001

New study doubts EU rapid reaction force

A new study by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, dealing with the post-September-11 threat, expresses doubt that the EU will be capable of setting up its rapid reaction force by 2003. The study deals with the new strategic era after the terrorist attacks in the US, when international terrorism is a newly defined enemy, capable of effectively controlling states from which it can operate.
Security 12-10-2001

Terrorism highlights need for EU defence

EU defence ministers are discussing plans to speed up the implementation of their common security and defence policy in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in the US. The Friday meeting of EU defence ministers in Brussels has started with a discussion on the US and British military campaign against terrorist bases in Afghanistan.
Security 11-06-2001

Turkey opposes EU-NATO agreement

Turkey opposes understanding on access of EU forces to NATO assets and planning; EU expects resolution from NATO Summit
Security 30-05-2001

Turkey drops veto on EU-NATO defence agreement

Turkey and NATO have reached an agreement which will give EU rapid reaction forces access to NATO's military assets
Security 22-05-2001

Member States try to break EU-Turkey deadlock over rapid reaction force

Netherlands and UK try to break EU-Turkey deadlock over rapid reaction force before NATO meeting in Budapest
Security 16-05-2001

EU anger at Turkish blockage of European defence

Turkey angers EU Member States by maintaining its veto on EU-NATO cooperation