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Security 03-11-2008

EU-Russia relations expected to deteriorate if McCain wins

Europe might find it harder to maintain good relations with Russia if Republican nominee John McCain wins the US presidential election, according to scholars surveyed by EURACTIV. Despite McCain's much larger experience of European affairs, Obama is widely considered to be more supportive of EU policies and better suited to improving the overall mood of transatlantic security relations.
EU Priorities 2020 18-06-2008

France unveils new security strategy with EU focus

French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday (17 June) presented a major overhaul of his country's defence doctrine, revealing a shift away from French "exceptionalism" in favour of a stronger European defence outlook.
Security 06-06-2008

France seeks to revitalise European defence

Giving a boost to the European Defence and Security Policy (ESDP) features high on the agenda of the French Presidency, with the chances of substantial progress high due to France's role as a leading European military power. 
Global Europe 13-02-2008

EU resumes deployment of Chad peace mission

The deployment of an EU peacekeeping mission to the eastern Chadian region of Darfur was resumed on Tuesday (12 February) after being suspended due to fierce fighting in the capital N'Djamena.

EU Treaty’s impact on defence policy remains unclear

The Lisbon Treaty will strengthen the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) but the scope of the changes will very much depend on the composition of the new troika to be appointed in 2009, according to MEPs and experts participating in a European Parliament workshop.
Global Europe 01-10-2007

2000-strong EU force to protect Darfur refugees

EU defence ministers decided at their meeting on 27 September to send an EU force into Chad and the Central African Republic to help protect civilians from violence in neighbouring Darfur.
Security 27-04-2006

‘Soft power’: sufficient for the EU to raise its international status?

A conference organised by Friends of Europe focused on the EU's influence on the international scene. The EU’s potential need of military capabilities to overcome new security challenges also emerged in the debate.
Security 30-06-2004

Solana to answer that ‘call from Kissinger’

In a bid to ensure continuity in the conduct of EU external affairs, Javier Solana has been named as the EU's first foreign minister.
Security 15-06-2004

European Defence Agency gets word of warning

The EU's approval of the European Defence Agency comes as the defence industry warns against it becoming a mere "fig leaf".
Security 19-05-2004

European Defence Agency to boost synergy of EU armaments industry

The EU Foreign Affairs Council has agreed to launch the European Defence Agency later this year with an annual budget of 25 million euro.
Security 12-12-2003

EU leaders approve ‘big three’ deal on defence

The EU's leaders have approved a plan presented by Britain, France and Germany on EU defence policy. The plan is regarded as acceptable to the US and NATO.
Security 11-12-2003

Neutral EU Member States open to new common defence proposal

The four neutral EU Member States are reportedly drawing closer to accepting the new Italian-sponsored mutual defence policy proposal.
Security 05-11-2003

EU urged to work on defence research agency

Europe's leading aerospace and defence company has urged EU Member States to accelerate research and development projects aimed at establishing a European defence procurement and research agency.
Security 05-09-2003

Security and defence conference highlights enlargement challenges of NATO and EU

The implications of the pending enlargement of the EU and NATO, and the broader context of European security were discussed at a security and defence conference in Brussels on 4 September.

Battle lines drawn over link between NATO and EU defence policy

European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) will be high on the agenda of the 5-6 September informal meeting of 25 EU and acceding country foreign ministers at Riva del Garda in Italy.
Security 20-05-2003

Defence ministers: EU force still hamstrung by ‘recognised shortfalls’

Germany, France and Italy urged the easing of the EU's tough public spending rules, and Berlin pledged an additional 1,000 troops to an EU Rapid Reaction Force at the EU defence ministers' meeting on 19 May.
Euro & Finance 20-05-2003

Danes dubious about euro, common EU defence

Danes remain dubious about the euro, and public support for a common EU defence policy is also declining, a new opinion poll reveals.
Security 19-05-2003

Council to announce progress on ‘EU army’

The defence ministers of the EU are expected to announce the operational capability of the 60,000-strong European Rapid Reaction Force at the 19-20 May session of the General Affairs and External Relations Council.
Security 12-05-2003

‘Weimar Triangle’ seeks common ground

France, Germany and Poland pledged at their summit to cooperate more closely on foreign policy and defence despite a damaging rift over the US-led war in Iraq.

Eurobarometer finds strong support for common security and defence policy

The decisive majority of the Union's citizens support the idea of a common foreign and security and defence policy, a new Eurobarometer survey reveals.
Security 05-05-2003

Calming stormy seas: EU Security Doctrine in the making

Ministers acknowledge US plans for post-war Iraq and plan Security Doctrine on island-hopping boat trip in Greece.

EU defence policy must involve all members, say Germany and Greece

Two weeks before the scheduled defence mini-summit of Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, pressure is mounting within the EU for the extension of the initiative to "as many members as possible".
Security 14-04-2003

EU foreign ministers seek common ground on Iraq, weapons of mass destruction

Post-war Iraq will likely dominate the agenda of the EU foreign ministers' meeting in Luxembourg on 14 April.
Security 04-02-2003

Blair, Chirac to unveil defence initiative

Accompanied by four cabinet ministers, British Prime Minister Tony Blair travels to France on 4 February for the annual one-day Anglo-French summit with President Jacques Chirac.