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  • EU’s big three in defence crossfire

    Security 02-12-2002

    In the wake of a proposal tabled jointly by Germany and France last week on creating a full European defence and security union, Britain has fired back by insisting that NATO should continue to be Europe's "collective defence organization".

  • New Defence Agenda set up to discuss NATO-EU co-operation

    Security 17-05-2002

    The New Defence Agenda was set up by Forum Europe in Brussels on 17 May to serve as a platform for discussing NATO and EU defence and security policies.

  • EU military operation in Macedonia in doubt

    Security 16-05-2002

    The ongoing Greek-Turkish dispute over the EU-Nato defence agreement could endanger the first EU military operation, planned to take place in Macedonia in September.

  • EU defence plans blocked ahead of meeting with NATO

    Security 13-05-2002

    EU Foreign and Defence Ministers are meeting in Brussels on 14 May to discuss progress on creating a Rapid Reaction Force. Greece is blocking plans on EU-NATO defence co-operation because of its concerns over Turkey's influence on EU defence policy, and no agreement is likely before the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Rejkyavik on 14-15 May.

  • Financing row holds up ESDP

    Security 02-11-2001

    The inability of EU Member States to agree on how to finance the development of the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) threatens to delay its launch. The Financial Times reports that the Belgian Presidency's desire to announce that it will be 'operational' at next months Laeken summit may not be possible for this reason.