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Euro & Finance 27-01-2017

Commission confirms work on securitisation of EU sovereign bonds

European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis said today (27 January) that the goal of setting up European Safe Assets is to reduce banks' exposure to sovereign debt.
Euro & Finance 03-09-2010

EU cuts deal to set up banking watchdogs

EU negotiators reached agreement yesterday (2 September) on a package of measures to beef up supervision of the bloc's banks, giving new EU watchdogs a mandate to overrule national authorities and ban risky financial products that were widely blamed for the world's worst recession in decades.
Euro & Finance 07-07-2010

EU countries ‘dragging their feet’ on bank supervision

Plans to set up new European supervisors of banks have been put on the back-burner as member states continue to haggle over a litany of reforms which would see Brussels have more influence over the way banking is carried out in the EU. 
The City of London
Euro & Finance 10-02-2010

MEPs want large banks under EU thumb

Large cross-border financial institutions will be supervised by a new European authority acting through national regulators, according to draft reports from the European Parliament which establish a single rulebook for financial supervision in the EU.