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Future EU 17-05-2022

Europe’s new leaders are coming from the periphery

The construction of a new European architecture is underway, built around the point of relations with Russia - and new European leaders are shaping a new form, one we will live in and observe for decades to come, writes Orhan Dragaš.
Energy 19-03-2021

The untapped green energy potential of the Baltic States

Offshore wind could not only propel the Baltics to the forefront of the energy transition, but also to the ranks of clean energy exporters, writes Lukas Trakimavičius.
Brexit 05-07-2016

Everything you need to know about Article 50

Most people will have never read a single article of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) before they stumbled recently across the much reported on Article 50. Here is Andrew Duff’s comprehensive guide to the many aspects of Article 50.

Technology 02-06-2016

The EU goes digital (sort of)

Europe tends to be perceived as a laggard when it comes to innovative technologies. This characterisation must be taken with a grain of salt. After all, some European countries are global leaders in innovation, writes Diego Zuluaga.
Energy 26-01-2016

Misuse of EU funds holds back Europe’s clean energy transition

The new member states from Central Europe misuse the EU funding aimed at decarbonizing their energy systems, writes Markus Trilling, who takes stock of a report published today (26 January).
Agnia Grigas
Europe's East 28-11-2014

The new generation of Baltic Russian speakers

It is helpful to try to understand the new generation of Russian speaking young adults and their views in order to understand the complexity of the dynamics faced by populations of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, writes Agnia Grigas.
Agnia Grigas
Energy 22-09-2014

Klaipeda’s LNG terminal: a game changer

The Klaipeda LNG terminal will enable Lithuania and its neighbours to access alternatives to Russian gas and will serve as the flagship for Baltic efforts to successfully address their persistent energy vulnerability, writes Agnia Grigas.
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn, Estonia [Photo: Shutterstock]
Europe's East 25-07-2014

Estonia, Baltic states stand to suffer most from Russia sanctions

In contrast to neighbouring Ukraine, strong governance makes Estonia less vulnerable to internal challenges to stability. Yet, potential economic sanctions on Russia could have a profound impact on the Baltic state too, writes Jan Hofmeyr.
Energy 22-10-2009

Court ruling need not cause carbon market to unravel

Can the European Commission impose a cap on member states' CO2 emissions covered by the EU's emissions trading system? asks Christian Egenhofer, a senior fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in an October paper, following the Court of First Instance's annulment of a European Commission decision to lower the carbon emission quotas of Poland and Estonia.
Global Europe 12-07-2007

Estonian tips for Georgia and Moldova on handling Moscow

Conflicts in Georgia and other parts of the South Caucasus region owe much to Russia's "peace-keeping" policies in the region, writes Estonian former prime minister Mart Laar in a July article for Europe's World.
Enlargement 16-09-2003

Estonia: Seven Down, One to Go

Surprise drop in Russian minority's support for EU entry puts a blot on resounding victory for the 'Yes' camp.
Climate change 11-09-2003

Still Dancing with Wolves

When Estonians go to vote on 14 September on whether to join the EU, some of them will have good reason to remember one of the biggest final obstacles that the Commission put in the country's path to the Union. If the EU had not backed down, there would be no moose, bear, wolves, lynx and beavers hunting next year.
Enlargement 10-06-2002

Polls Show Estonians Growing More Tolerant

Polls Show Estonians Growing More Tolerant According to the results of two polls released on 5 June by the Open Society Institute and the Integration Foundation, Estonians have become much more tolerant than they were a decade ago. Despite that...