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Global Europe 13-07-2021

Borrell urges sanctions over Ethiopia crisis

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Monday (12 July) urged member states to consider imposing sanctions over the crisis in Ethiopia's Tigray, as the bloc looks to increase aid deliveries to the region.
Non-discrimination 29-06-2021

UK reports on discrimination in schools open up debate on deprivation

The question of whether the UK’s education systems discriminate against ethnic minorities has become highly politically charged and divisive, reflecting tensions that exist across much of the European Union.
Global Europe 16-04-2021

Greek, Turkish ministers clash at heated Ankara presser

The foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey on Thursday (15 April) clashed on a wide range of issues during a heated news conference that underscored the trouble the two historic rivals will have at mending their broken ties.
Enlargement 30-03-2021

North Macedonia minister: Tensions should ‘naturally decline’ after Bulgarian election

Tensions between North Macedonia and its southern neighbour Bulgaria, which is blocking Skopje's EU membership bid, should "naturally decline" after the 4 April election in Bulgaria and pave the way for an agreement, North Macedonia's Justice Minister Bojan Marichikj told EURACTIV.
Non-discrimination 15-01-2021

Commission rejects call for new laws protecting national minorities

The European Commission said on Friday (15 January) that it would not propose new laws in response to a petition demanding a protection package for national minorities that garnered 1.1 million signatures across the EU.
Languages & Culture 21-02-2020

Germany’s minorities call for action after shisha bar shootings

German Kurds called on Thursday (20 February) for stronger government action against far-right radicalism and racism as they mourned the victims of a gun attack on two shisha lounges.
Freedom of thought 08-08-2018

Football, national identity and belonging in today’s Europe

The euphoria triggered by the FIFA World Cup quickly gave way to divisive, ugly debates about national identity and race, around players of diverse ethnic origins. These controversies highlight the need for measured exchanges on belonging in today’s Europe, writes Michael O'Flaherty.
Elections 16-01-2018

Romania’s ruling left sinks own government for second time in a year

Romania's left-wing Prime Minister Mihai Tudose resigned on Monday (15 January) after losing the backing of his party due to internal power struggles, barely seven months after his predecessor suffered the same fate.

Making violence against ethnic minority women visible

Race, ethnicity and religion play a role in minority women’s experiences of discrimination and violence. As a result, women with multi-layered identities are more vulnerable, but this reality is rarely acknowledged, let alone tackled effectively, writes Amel Yacef.
Elections 25-12-2015

Bulgarian politician dumped for siding with Turkey

The leader of Bulgaria's ethnic Turkish party has been ousted from his post and expelled from the party yesterday (24 December), officially for declaring support for Turkey in its row with Moscow over the downing of a Russian warplane.
Trade & Society 07-12-2015

Chinese erosion of Tibetan identity should not be tolerated

Chinese development projects in the mountain region are wiping out the ethnic and cultural identity of the Tibetans, writes Madi Sharma.
Development Policy 09-09-2015

Aung San Suu Kyi calls on the world to closely watch the Myanmar election

As official campaigning starts in Myanmar’s long-awaited general election the leader of the National League for Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi called on the world to keep a close eye on the process.
Technology 02-02-2015

Data protection reform: Why it matters for ethnic and religious minorities

A large amount of data is collected in the EU in contradiction with data protection safeguards and legal standards, writes Andreas Hieronymus. 
Central Asia 21-11-2014

Upcoming Latvian EU presidency slammed for anti-Russian bias

Russia protested today (21 November) statements by the Latvian ambassador to the EU for having made comments about Russian propaganda,  at a public event highlighting the priorities of the upcoming Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
Languages & Culture 13-08-2013

Romania condemns irredentist statements by Hungarian politician

Romania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly condemned a recent statement made by the leader of the Hungarian radical nationalist party, Jobbik, claiming that Hungary should seek autonomy for the Hungarian-populated Székely Land in Romania.
Enlargement 31-01-2011

Macedonia opposition leaves parliament

The socialist opposition in EU candidate country Macedonia has announced it is leaving the country's parliament, in protest against a move by the centre-right government to block the bank accounts of several media companies.

France still under Commission scrutiny on Roma

France abided by a European Commission deadline at the last minute by submitting information on how it intends to align its national legislation with EU laws on the free movement of people just before midnight on 15-16 October. But the country remains under scrutiny to determine whether its summer crackdown on illegal Roma camps amounted to discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, the Commission said.
Enlargement 13-09-2010

Serbs, Muslims clash in Kosovo following basketball match

Three international peacekeepers and six locals were wounded in Kosovo's divided town of Mitrovica yesterday (12 September) after Serbia had lost a World Basketball Championship game in Istanbul the night before, according to officials.
Languages & Culture 17-03-2010

Russian speakers ‘excluded’ from EU brochures in Latvia

The European Commission should continue to provide information in non-official EU languages, MEPs urged this week (15 March), expressing disappointment that Russian-language fact-sheets produced by the EU executive's offices in Latvia were recently withdrawn.
Languages & Culture 09-03-2010

Call for ‘civic disobedience’ to save minority languages

Action at grassroots rather than EU level holds the key to ensuring the survival of minority languages such as Galician, heard a major conference at the European Parliament last week, with participants calling for an end to oppressive legislation like Slovakia's language law. 
Languages & Culture 08-03-2010

MEPs push for EU recognition of Catalan, Welsh languages

Catalan, Basque, Galician, Welsh and Scots Gaelic should be made official languages of the European Union, MEPs said last week, accusing Brussels of failing to protect "the rights of millions of speakers of non-official EU languages" and calling on the EU institutions to do "much more" to promote multilingualism.  
Central Europe 14-01-2010

EU confirmation hearings take nasty turn

Put in a difficult position by Rumiana Jeleva's weak performance at her parliamentary hearing earlier this week, the centre-right European People's Party (EPP) is threatening to counter-attack by asking for a socialist head to roll.
Languages & Culture 01-12-2009

EU urged to use new treaty to support language rights

The European Commission should use legal changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty to protect the rights of linguistic minorities in the European Union, Latvian MEP Tatjana Zdanoka has urged.
Languages & Culture 10-07-2009

German MEP slams Slovak language law

A new state language law passed by the Slovak parliament does not conform to EU standards as it discriminates against minority languages, the vice-chair of the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee said yesterday (9 July).