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Development Policy 02-12-2021

The EU must uphold its responsibilities to the world’s ‘forgotten crises’

In recent months, the world has watched in real-time as Afghanistan spiralled deeper into humanitarian catastrophe. Now it is teetering on the edge of full economic collapse, writes Harlem Désir,
Development Policy 28-03-2017

Auditors find ‘shortcomings’ in EU aid to Tunisia after Arab Spring

The EU gave Tunisia some €1.3bn in aid after the Arab Spring without properly checking how all of it was spent, according to a report published today (28 March) by the Court of Auditors.
Development Policy 06-02-2017

New report warns on ‘creative accounting’ diverting aid to housing refugees within EU

A major new report has warned that there are no strict guidelines on how EU member states divert parts of their development aid budgets to helping and housing refugees within their own countries, rather than spending it abroad.
Development Policy 19-08-2016

UK aid minister promises to keep 0.7% target post-Brexit

The UK’s new aid minister has promised to keep the country’s aid target of 0.7% of GDP, despite herself once campaigning for the Department for International Development (DfID) to be shut down.
Development Policy 13-04-2016

EU aid in the Horn of Africa

Europe's action in Ethiopia and the wider Horn of Africa region provides a telling example of the challenges international donours face when trying to link emergency assistance with long-term development aid.
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EU states increase lifeline to developing world
Development Policy 15-04-2014

INFOGRAPHIC: EU states increase lifeline to developing world

The aid index released annually by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) has become a reference for trends of official development finance, and ways to make it work to its fullest.
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Agenda for Change 01-07-2013

Spanish NGOs blast the Commission for scaling down EU aid in Latin America

EU Cooperation Policy with Latin America is currently under the spotlight as the new EU overseas aid policy will strip middle-income countries of development financial aid. Latin America's fast economic growth will leave some of its nations out of Europe's aid scope. In an attempt to improve aid effectiveness, Brussels wants EU funding to target the 48 least-developed countries in the world, most of them in sub-Saharan Africa.