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China 19-10-2018

China in the Balkans: Motivations behind growing influence

Beijing’s influence in the Balkans continues to grow, but we should not compare it with Russia. Chinese influence differs in both motives and tools used for its spreading, writes Matej Šimalčík.
EU-China 20-04-2018

As EU and China celebrate Year of Tourism, access to Tibet for European travellers remains limited

Could you imagine being denied access to a territory vaster than France, Spain and Portugal combined during your next holiday in Europe? This seems completely unthinkable, yet this is what is happening every year for several weeks in Tibet, write Vincent Metten and Antoine Madelin.
Economy & Jobs 14-02-2018

China, the unbeloved trade partner

Will Europe pick a quarrel with China? Brussels does not want to quit the field uncontested when it comes to the fact that the People's Republic infiltrates the European economy for self-serving reasons and wants to set the tone also in political terms, writes Wolf Achim Wiegand.
China 29-05-2017

The EU urgently needs to review its Human Rights Dialogue with China

The EU's well-meaning declarations on human rights in China must be followed up by a regular, high-level dialogue with Beijing. The degradation of human rights in Tibet must be systematically raised at each EU-China Summit, including the one planned in Brussels for 2 June, write a group of MEPs.
Trade & Society 25-07-2016

EU-China economic ties will withstand disputes over MES

Overall the economic ties between the EU and China are of such importance that they will withstand the disputes over 'Market Economy Status' (MES), writes Fraser Cameron.
EU-China 04-04-2016

MES: A way to build future EU-China bilateral relations

Today, what is needed with China is more dialogue not less. We need to find win-win solutions rather than to start a new fight about its Market Economy Status (MES), writes Luigi Gambardella.
Global Europe 20-01-2016

China’s EBRD membership may lead to drop in standards

With China’s accession to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Europe and China are becoming closer than ever, writes Elodie Sellier.
Jokhang, Tibet
Development Policy 19-01-2016

Europe’s missing nod to Tibet’s development track record

Tibet has come a long way since the feudal serfdom that was still widespread in the 1960s. Today’s EU leaders would, undoubtedly, welcome the progress and democratic reforms carried out since the region’s autonomy came into effect, writes Ciyang.
Trade & Society 07-12-2015

Chinese erosion of Tibetan identity should not be tolerated

Chinese development projects in the mountain region are wiping out the ethnic and cultural identity of the Tibetans, writes Madi Sharma.
Trade & Society 23-10-2015

Trade and human rights in China: The EU must take action

During a visit to Beijing in October, the EU’s Trade Commissioner emphasised the importance of strengthening the rule of law in China. This must be followed up with action, write four human rights organisations.
Trade & Society 20-10-2015

What does Xi’s ‘super’ state visit to the UK mean for EU-China relations?

If today Chinese investors are principally targeting traditional fields such as transport, energy and real estate, it is clear that the range of sectors will broaden to digital in the near future, writes Luigi Gambardella.

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