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Languages & Culture 25-09-2014

Dobbs: Eurozone drama can turn into ‘House of Cards’

Europe is a great story to tell, but often marred by institutional jumble. The Eurozone crisis could be told in such a way that it would spark the imagination of Europeans, on what the EU is all about, says Michael Dobbs, author of the critically-acclaimed Netflix series House of Cards, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Languages & Culture 15-12-2009

Lawmaker: EU held back by ‘trivial’ communications

"A common platitude is to state that EU elites are pro-European while the citizens aren't," argues French MEP Sylvie Goulard, who recently won a prize for her book, 'Europe for dummies'. In an interview with EURACTIV, she explains that the opposite tends to be true, with opinion leaders more preoccupied with "trivial" matters than citizens.
Public Affairs 09-09-2009

Wallström: Legal basis necessary to communicate

After trying for five years to find the right approach to communicating Europe, European Commission Vice-President Margot Wallström has come to the conclusion that the only way forward is to give the new commissioner control of citizenship legislation and the accompanying programmes and budget, she told EURACTIV in an interview.
Future EU 02-07-2008

MEP: Irish government showed ‘sheer incompetence’ in communication

While the European institutions are trying to provide a good example in communicating with citizens, the main responsibility lies with national governments, who are failing in this task, Vice President of the European Parliament Alejo Vidal-Quadras told EURACTIV in an interview.
Public Affairs 01-07-2008

Advertising boss: EU cannot market itself properly

European institutions in Brussels could learn from advertisers in better promoting the benefits of EU membership to citizens, argues Gary Leih, CEO of Ogilvy UK and President of the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA) in an interview with EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 27-09-2007

EU communication remains an ‘ongoing challenge’

Green MEP Helga Trüpel talks about the ongoing challenge of communicating EU policies, the different views among the institutions over a joint approach and how to ultimately win the hearts and minds of EU citizens. Helga Trüpel is a member of the Green group in the European Parliament. She is currently Vice-Chairwoman of the Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education and a member of the Committee on Budgets. To read a shortened version of this interview, please click here.
Future EU 08-07-2005

Interview with Christophe Leclercq, EURACTIV founder & publisher, on EU Communication

EURACTIV's publisher Christophe Leclerq see strong decentralisation and fast action as his key recommendations for Commissioner Wallström's communication strategy, starting with the Commission's action plan.