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  • EURACTIV Awards pick up steam

    News | Public Affairs 28-07-2009

    Over 60 nominations have already been submitted for the EURACTIV Awards and a high-level jury appointed to identify and recognise efforts to debate Europe at the national level.

  • Europa website set for major facelift

    News | Public Affairs 14-07-2009

    A completely revamped version of the EU's central web portal Europa will be unveiled in the coming weeks, EURACTIV has learned. Brussels officials hope the new site will pull the EU out of its "lethargic and overly bureaucratic mindset" and drive it into the 21st century.

  • If citizens have a voice, who’s listening?

    Opinion | Public Affairs 13-07-2009

    "Are European Union institutions, as they claim, really listening to citizens thanks to more 'deliberative' consultation tools?" asks Stephen Boucher, programme director at the European Climate Foundation, in a June working paper for the European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN).

  • Greens get thumbs up in deliberative poll

    News | EU Priorities 2020 04-06-2009

    Following a weekend of debate ahead of the EU elections, over 350 citizens participating in the second pan-European deliberative poll have voiced growing support for the Greens, eroding the leadership of the two big European Parliament political groups, the centre-right EPP-ED and the Socialists.

  • EURACTIV Awards to recognise national debates on Europe

    News | Public Affairs 14-05-2009

    EURACTIV has launched a Europe-wide call for nominations for an awards competition that recognises practical examples of successfully-executed ideas for debating Europe nationally. 

  • European citizens hope EU leaders will listen

    News | EU Priorities 2020 12-05-2009

    A panel of European citizens came face-to-face with EU leaders in Brussels yesterday (11 May) to discuss their hopes and concerns for the future of European integration. But some dismissed the occasion as mere "lip service".

  • Eurosceptics riding high in social media

    News | Public Affairs 28-04-2009

    The European Union has to drastically improve its communications strategy if it is to quell Euroscepticism, an expert workshop hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung heard yesterday (27 April).

  • Parliament unveils ‘choice’ campaign for EU elections

    News | EU Priorities 2020 18-03-2009

    The European Parliament yesterday (17 March) unveiled a single, Europe-wide institutional election campaign focusing on choice, rather than civic duty, to attract 375 million voters to the ballot box and halt a downward trend in participation.

  • Regions can improve EU’s image, survey says

    News | EU Priorities 2020 02-03-2009

    A new survey published last week (27 February) indicates that EU citizens trust their local and regional authorities above all other bodies, believing that they have a role to play in increasing understanding and trust in the Union.

  • EU communications derided as ‘biased propaganda’

    News | Public Affairs 29-01-2009

    The European Union spent €2.4bn last year on "biased information campaigns" to "promote itself and its central aim of 'ever closer union'," alleges a new study by Open Europe, a UK-based think tank. But the report's findings were denied by the European Commission, which said it "makes no apologies" for supporting schemes such as the Erasmus student exchage programme.

  • EU sets communication priorities for 2009

    News | Public Affairs 24-10-2008

    The European institutions are close to agreeing on three major subjects that they wish to build on next year to reach out to EU citizens. These are the fight against climate change, the June 2009 European elections and significant anniversaries of the reunited Europe. 1 May 2009 marks five years since the 2004 enlargement, while 9 November 2009 sees the twenty-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  • Localisation ‘key’ to EU communication

    News | Public Affairs 10-10-2008

    Cooperation with regional and local media is the key to better communicating EU policy issues to citizens, concluded panellists at a debate on the issue in Brussels on 8 October, organised by the European Commission's directorate-general for regional policy.