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Future EU 01-12-2009

The ‘Treaty of Lisbon’

After eight years of struggle and soul-searching, the European Union's reform treaty came into force on 1 December 2009. EU leaders believe the Lisbon Treaty will rejuvenate the decision-making apparatus of the EU institutions, making the functioning of the 27-member Union more efficient and democratic. 
Sports 19-10-2009

Sport and the EU treaties

So far, the EU's involvement in sport policy has revolved around its economic aspects but with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty on 1 December 2009, Europe now has a legal base to provide a supporting role to member states in the social, educational and cultural aspects of sport.
Future EU 20-04-2007

Constitutional Treaty – key elements [Archived]

EU leaders signed the Constitutional Treaty in autumn 2004, but the ratification was stalled following the two negative votes on the text in France and the Netherlands in 2005. EU leaders are now seeking to agree to a new treaty on the basis of the constitutional provisions. This dossier outlines the key changes proposed by the Constitutional Treaty text to the current system based on the provisions of the Nice Treaty.
Future EU 25-03-2007

Constitutional Treaty: the ‘reflection period’ [Archived]

After the rejection of the EU Constitutional Treaty in France and the Netherlands in late spring 2005, a "period of reflection" on the future of Europe was launched to reconnect the citizens with the European project and to decide the fate of the Constitution. In January 2007, the German Presidency declared the reflection period was over, still its outcome is uncertain.  
Future EU 24-06-2004

Intergovernmental Conference 2003-2004

EU governments began an Intergovernmental conference (IGC) on 4 October 2003 to revise the draft Constitutional Treaty, adopted by the European Convention on 10 July. Heads of State and Government of the EU-25 failed to agree on the Council voting system during the IGC session of 12-13 December 2003. The European Council on 17-18 June 2004, however, brought the IGC to a conclusion.
Future EU 11-07-2003

European Constitution

The 105-member European Convention signed the draft EU Constitution on 10 July 2003, concluding 16 months of work.
Future EU 02-06-2000

Key contributions [Archived]

Since the beginning of 2002, several European political leaders and commentators have been engaged in a debate on their vision for the future of the European Union. The debate raises questions on the frontiers of Europe, its political institutions and its final goals. In this LinksDossier you will find a selection of links to web sites, official documents, positions and political comments concerning the debate on the Future of Europe.