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Elections 26-01-2016

EU stuck in a ‘representation spiral’?

As European integration has progressed in the Monnet method, national leaders have become stuck in a 'representation spiral', which the recent crises accelerated to a point where major EU decisions can no longer be made, argues Balázs Kiss.
Future EU 03-03-2008

Treaty of Lisbon: A sustainable answer to constitutional questions?

The Treaty of Lisbon represents "another milestone" towards further EU integration in a journey which started over 20 years ago with the Single European Act, write Andreas Hofmann and Wolfgang Wessels of the University of Cologne in an article for 'Integration' magazine.  
Future EU 11-07-2007

EU moves from ‘disastrous’ Constitution experiment

EU member states have agreed on a blueprint for a new Treaty, rescuing a number of key institutional reforms but amending only the existing EU Framework. Hugo Brady, research fellow at the Centre for European Reform (CER), states that the Treaty is an admission that the enlarged Union has become much more diverse.
Future EU 22-06-2007

A way out of the EU’s Constitutional dilemma

Those member states who supported the original Constitutional Treaty (CT) should demand a radical revision of the current treaty amendment procedure in return for their readiness to compromise in the forthcoming intergovernmental conference (IGC), writes Janis A. Emmanouilidis of the Centre for Applied Policy Research (CAP) in a June 2007 paper.
Future EU 21-06-2007

CEPS proposal on weighting votes in the Council

A double-majority system with a safety clause could overcome Poland's request for a square root voting system in the Council, claim Daniel Gros, Sebastian Kurpas and Mika Widgren in a June 2007 paper for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Future EU 21-06-2007

Voting rules matter: Poland’s cause

There is a clear, positive relationship between a member state's power per person in the Council of Ministers and its receipts per person from the EU budget, declares Richard Baldwin of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in an 18 June post on the VOX web log.
Future EU 20-06-2007

The Constitutional Summit: Who wants what and why?

The impasse over the Constitutional Treaty shows that old cleavages and conflicts in Europe are resurfacing, with new coalitions of interest becoming apparent, write Dominik Hierlemann (Bertelsmann Stiftung) and Sarah Seeger (Centre for Applied Policy Research) in a June 2007 paper for the Spotlight Europe series.
Future EU 19-06-2007

Risks and opportunities of an EU institutional relaunch

According to Jean-Louis Quermonne, professor at the Instituts d'Etudes Politiques in Grenoble and Paris, the risks of failure of an institutional relaunch - or a watered-down agreement - are numerous.
Future EU 19-06-2007

The EU needs a new Treaty

The EU is in urgent need of a new Treaty, argue Richard Baldwin and Mika Widgren in a June paper for the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London. The new Treaty simply must reform the current EU decision-making system, whatever other 'filler' items it may contain, the paper insists.
Future EU 15-06-2007

Institutional deadlock and the June Summit

It should be possible to reach an agreement over the stalled Constitutional Treaty at the June Summit if two sets of conditions are satisfied, write Sebastian Kurpas and Stefano Micossi in a May 2007 paper for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
Future EU 08-06-2007

Brown, Blair and the Constitutional Treaty

Prime Minister Tony Blair believes that no referendum on the Constitutional Treaty would need to be held in the UK if, instead of attempting revive the original wide-ranging Treaty, the members states now simply agreed on a series of amendments, writes Brendan Donnelly of the Federal Union.
Future EU 25-05-2007

Debating the Constitution: between realism and revival

As the German Presidency searches for a way out of the impasse over the Constitutional Treaty ahead of the June summit, European Policy Centre (EPC) analysts Sara Hageman and Antonio Missiroli examine the alternatives that have been suggested for moving forward. 
Future EU 09-06-2006

Analysis: The Future of the EU Constitution – a strategy for Poland

Poland should prepare for the discussions about the future of the Constitutional Treaty (CT) that will take place after the reflection period, it is argued in the common paper the Institute of Public Affairs (ISP) and the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM).
Future EU 30-05-2006

Analysis: Re-Launching Europe

In the article “Re-Launching Europe”, published by Deutsche-Aussenpolitik.De, Philipp Hessel analyses Germany’s European Policy based on Chancellor Merkels “state of the union” speech held in May 2006.
Future EU 29-05-2006

Analysis: The European Constitutional Crisis and the Strategy of Patience

In this article of the Quarterly „Integration“ of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), Daniel Göler and Mathias Jopp take systematic look at the proposed initiatives to solve the constitutional crisis.
Future EU 27-05-2005

Does the European Constitution create a more democratic EU ?

One of the most frequent criticisms of the EU is that it suffers from a 'democratic deficit'. But will this be redressed by the Constitution? asks Chris Yeomans, from café babel.
Future EU 24-03-2005

France and the Referendum on the EU Constitution

This policy brief by Markus Wagner considers the positions of the main actors in the French referendum campaign and examines how the political debate there contrasts with the discussion surrounding the EU Constitution in the UK.

The economics of the ‘European Neighbourhood Policy’: An initial assessment

This paper, by Susanne Milcher and Ben Slay, has been prepared for the international conference entitled "Europe after the enlargement", to be hosted by the Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE) in Warsaw on 8-9 April.
Enlargement 17-03-2005

Has Europe lost its heart?

This paper, by Charles Wyplosz, has been prepared for the international conference entitled "Europe after the enlargement", to be hosted by the Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE) in Warsaw on 8-9 April.
Enlargement 09-03-2005

The Czech ratification of the Constitutional Treaty – victim of the government crisis?

This analysis, by Europeum chairman David Král,  reflects on the prospects of the Constitutional Treaty ratification in the Czech Republic in the light of the internal developments and the ongoing government crisis.
Future EU 18-02-2005

Thinking about Constitutions

This 'European Essay' by the Federal Trust contributes to the debate on the European Constitution from the UK's perspective.
Future EU 09-02-2005

Constitution or Constitutional Treaty?

Brendan Donnelly of the Federal Trust discusses this issue in light of the UK's 2006 referendum on the EU Constitution(al Treaty).
EU Priorities 2020 01-02-2005

The British debate on the EU Constitution: Can the Referendum be Won?

In this paper, Kirsty Hughes says that instead of taking Britain to the heart of Europe, as a result of a possible "no" vote on the EU Constitution, the Blair government may go down in history as those responsible for taking the UK out of the EU.
EU Priorities 2020 01-02-2005

What Prospects for the European Constitutional Treaty? – Monitoring the Ratification Debates

One of the conclusions this EPIN Working Paper reaches is that 22 out of 25 Member States will ratify the EU Constitution. The paper rates ratification in the Czech Republic and Poland as ‘unsure’ and the United Kingdom as ‘rather unlikely’.