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  • The Constitutional Summit: Who wants what and why?

    Opinion | Future EU 20-06-2007

    The impasse over the Constitutional Treaty shows that old cleavages and conflicts in Europe are resurfacing, with new coalitions of interest becoming apparent, write Dominik Hierlemann (Bertelsmann Stiftung) and Sarah Seeger (Centre for Applied Policy Research) in a June 2007 paper for the Spotlight Europe series.

  • Barroso warns Poland and UK on risks of blocking EU Treaty

    News | Brexit 20-06-2007

    Speaking ahead of what promises to be a difficult summit, Commission President José Manuel Barroso warned Poland that other EU members could turn their backs on the country in future budget talks if it persists in blocking a deal on a new EU Treaty.

  • Risks and opportunities of an EU institutional relaunch

    Opinion | Future EU 19-06-2007

    According to Jean-Louis Quermonne, professor at the Instituts d'Etudes Politiques in Grenoble and Paris, the risks of failure of an institutional relaunch - or a watered-down agreement - are numerous.

  • The EU needs a new Treaty

    Opinion | Future EU 19-06-2007

    The EU is in urgent need of a new Treaty, argue Richard Baldwin and Mika Widgren in a June paper for the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London. The new Treaty simply must reform the current EU decision-making system, whatever other 'filler' items it may contain, the paper insists.

  • UK hardens stance on Treaty negotiations

    News | Future EU 19-06-2007

    Britain has outlined its 'red lines' for negotiations on a new Treaty ahead of the European Summit and is showing a tougher stance on plans for an EU Foreign Minister backed by Germany, France and Spain.

  • Poland continues opposition ahead of Treaty Summit

    News | Future EU 18-06-2007

    EU foreign ministers did not reach a 'breakthrough' at their meeting on 17 June, with Poland threatening to block new Treaty negotiations over Council voting rules, ahead of the EU Summit, which is to put the Union on the road to institutional reforms.

  • Sarkozy and Kaczynski ‘confident’ about EU Treaty deal

    News | Future EU 15-06-2007

    The French and Polish presidents have met in Paris to discuss institutional reform. But with the growing threat of a Polish veto on any change to the Council voting system, the upcoming summit is unlikely to bring the EU out of its institutional impasse.

  • Institutional deadlock and the June Summit

    Opinion | Future EU 15-06-2007

    It should be possible to reach an agreement over the stalled Constitutional Treaty at the June Summit if two sets of conditions are satisfied, write Sebastian Kurpas and Stefano Micossi in a May 2007 paper for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).

  • Poland threatens to block EU Treaty negotiations

    News | Future EU 12-06-2007

    Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski dismissed EU leaders' hopes of finding a swift solution to the institutional impasse, saying that new treaty negotiations could take up to a year. European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering warned that a Polish veto would 'put Europe into a crisis'.

  • Brown, Blair and the Constitutional Treaty

    Opinion | Future EU 08-06-2007

    Prime Minister Tony Blair believes that no referendum on the Constitutional Treaty would need to be held in the UK if, instead of attempting revive the original wide-ranging Treaty, the members states now simply agreed on a series of amendments, writes Brendan Donnelly of the Federal Union.

  • Parliament pushes for ‘Treaty plus’

    News | Future EU 07-06-2007

    MEPs have threatened to vote down a new EU Treaty that would fail to preserve the key elements of the draft EU Constitution, as Parliament struggles to make its voice heard ahead of the June Summit on institutional reform.

  • Poland urged to ease Treaty stance

    News | Future EU 06-06-2007

    European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi have called on the 'naysayers' to drop their resistance to institutional reforms ahead of a decisive EU Summit on 21-22 June.

  • ‘Amato group’ puts forward new Treaty proposal

    News | Future EU 05-06-2007

    Ahead of the June Summit, which is set to put the Union on the road for a new Treaty, a group of high-level politicians and EU officials has put forward its own optimised, streamlined version.

  • Prodi and Sarkozy see ‘common goals’ on EU reform

    News | Future EU 29-05-2007

    With a view to the June Summit, Italy's Prime Minister Romano Prodi and France's President Nicolas Sarkozy demonstrated unity on reforming the European institutions, despite their differing views on a new Treaty.

  • Debating the Constitution: between realism and revival

    Opinion | Future EU 25-05-2007

    As the German Presidency searches for a way out of the impasse over the Constitutional Treaty ahead of the June summit, European Policy Centre (EPC) analysts Sara Hageman and Antonio Missiroli examine the alternatives that have been suggested for moving forward. 

  • EU leaders line up for Treaty talks

    News | Future EU 24-05-2007

    In recent visits to Brussels and Strasbourg, the leaders of France (Sarkozy), Italy (Prodi) and the Netherlands (Balkenende) aired their views on institutional reform ahead of the June Summit. Proposals range from Sarkozy's 'simplified Treaty' to a more ambitious 'Treaty-plus'.

  • Italian and Czech PMs clash over EU Constitution

    News | Future EU 15-05-2007

    The two heads of government exposed their opposing views on how to proceed with the Constitutional Treaty and clashed on the issues of voting rights, division of competences and symbols in the current text.

  • Portugal urges progress on new Treaty at EU ‘mini-summit’

    News | Future EU 14-05-2007

    At an informal EU meeting in Portugal, Prime Minister José Sócrates urged Germany to obtain a 'precise mandate' under its presidency in order to advance institutional changes for the enlarged EU.

  • Europe on tenterhooks over French vote

    News | Elections 23-04-2007

    Europe's leaders are jittery over the second round of elections in France, as Sarkozy and Royal offer very different EU approaches. 

  • Constitutional Treaty – key elements [Archived]

    Policy Brief | Future EU 20-04-2007

    EU leaders signed the Constitutional Treaty in autumn 2004, but the ratification was stalled following the two negative votes on the text in France and the Netherlands in 2005. EU leaders are now seeking to agree to a new treaty on the basis of the constitutional provisions. This dossier outlines the key changes proposed by the Constitutional Treaty text to the current system based on the provisions of the Nice Treaty.

  • Poland and Czech Republic get tough in EU Treaty talks

    News | Future EU 19-04-2007

    The two central European states remain critical of plans for a slimmed-down EU Treaty based on the draft Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters. This puts the countries on a collision course with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is seeking a breakthrough at the June European Summit.

  • Constitutional Treaty: the ‘reflection period’ [Archived]

    Policy Brief | Future EU 25-03-2007

    After the rejection of the EU Constitutional Treaty in France and the Netherlands in late spring 2005, a "period of reflection" on the future of Europe was launched to reconnect the citizens with the European project and to decide the fate of the Constitution. In January 2007, the German Presidency declared the reflection period was over, still its outcome is uncertain.  

  • Merkel’s EU Constitution plans face opposition

    News | Future EU 19-01-2007

    The UK government opposes the present treaty while Poland said it would table its own proposals at the end of February.

  • German think tanks stand united on Europe

    News | Future EU 30-06-2006

    Contrary to rumours, German political circles are not entirely focused on the World Cup: the five main political think tanks hosted German Minister of State for Europe, Günter Gloser, in Brussels.