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Enlargement 07-10-2019

What does it take for the EU to punch above its weight?

Since the start of the financial and economic crises in 2008/2009, the EU project has lost a considerable part of its standing. A recent forum has raised ideas for reversing the decline of the EU’s ranking in the global arena. Dušan Reljić explains how.
Global Europe 21-08-2015

EU accession perspectives are barely credible

The economic situation in the Western Balkans is disastrous. The Western Balkans conference at the end of August should promote investment, writes Dušan Relji?.

Van Rompuy to member states: Implement Single Market Act II now

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy has appealed to EU heads of states to show political will and implement the Single Market Act II, according to a leaked letter seen by EURACTIV.