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Non-discrimination 15-03-2022

Persons with disabilities in Ukraine face a ‘crisis within a crisis’

Civil society calls on the EU, national governments and humanitarian organisations to step up efforts to protect Ukraine's 2.7 million persons with disabilities who risk abandonment, death or a lack of shelter amid Russia's invasion
Health 10-03-2022

Disability ministers call for ‘more just and inclusive’ EU

The EU needs to take additional steps to ensure people with disabilities have greater access to jobs and rights across the bloc, Sophie Cluzel, the French Secretary of State in charge of people with disabilities, told her European counterparts in Paris on Wednesday (9 March).  EURACTIV France reports.
Health 07-10-2021

MEPs call for strengthening rights of people with disabilities

MEPs overwhelmingly adopted a report to protect people with disabilities on Wednesday (6 October). MEPs agreed that there is still a lot left to be done as disabled people still face many barriers and discrimination across the bloc. EURACTIV France reports.