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Technology 06-11-2018

Stark divisions among member states in EU digital tax plans

EU finance ministers remain divided over a raft of issues in the European Commission's digital services tax (DST) plans after a meeting on Tuesday (6 November) drew attention to a plethora of challenges in reaching a consensus.
Technology 05-11-2018

Some countries ‘more comfortable’ with interim deal on digital tax, EU diplomats say

Some EU member states are likely to feel “more comfortable” with a temporary agreement on the EU’s digital tax plans rather than wait for international consensus, EU diplomats said on Monday (5 November), ahead of a meeting of EU finance ministers.
Economy & Jobs 13-12-2017

Macron shifts focus away from eurozone reform to court Merkel

French President Emmanuel Macron, concerned that a divisive discussion over eurozone reform might undermine his broader European agenda, has begun prioritizing other areas of EU cooperation, French officials say.
Euro & Finance 11-06-2015

Tusk tells Greece : The game is over

Greece has no more time for "gambling" and needs to decide on a cash-for-reforms deal, European Council President Donald Tusk said on Thursday (11 June), ahead of a crucial meeting of euro zone finance ministers in Luxembourg next week.
Euro & Finance 15-11-2013

Europe’s ‘phantom’ companies are helping criminals

European finance ministers meeting in Brussels today should take clear action to clamp down Europe’s anonymous shelf companies, which are used for money laundering and other criminal purposes, writes Eloise Todd.
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Banking union 15-10-2013

Finance ministers tussle over banking union, sovereignty

Questions over how far the European Central Bank (ECB) should control Europe’s banks dominated yesterday’s meeting of eurozone finance ministers and look set to continue today (15 October) as member states push back against the Commission’s powers under the new European Semester.
Euro & Finance 15-10-2013

Finance ministers tussle over banking union, sovereignty

Questions over how far the European Central Bank (ECB) should control Europe’s banks dominated yesterday’s meeting of eurozone finance ministers and look set to continue today (15 October) as member states push back against the Commission’s powers under the new European Semester.
Euro & Finance 15-04-2013

Austria isolated on banking secrecy

Finance ministers meeting in Dublin have pledged greater information-sharing to counter tax evasion and isolated Austria for its continuing refusal to share information on bank deposits. The issue will be on the agenda of a European summit in May. EURACTIV reports from Dublin.
Euro & Finance 09-01-2013

Dutch minister expected to be named Eurogroup chief

Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem is to be named the next chairman of eurozone finance ministers in January, diplomatic sources told German newspaper Handelsblatt.
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Economy & Jobs 09-10-2012

Eurogroup launches permanent rescue fund, says Spain does not need bailout

Eurozone's new permanent rescue fund was launched on Monday at a meeting of finance ministers in Luxembourg. Funded by taxpayers' money, the so-called European Stability Mechanism will have a 500 bn euro budget to help finance debt-ridden countries.
Elections 02-10-2012

Outspoken German politician hits back in Swiss tax dispute

Peer Steinbrück, the former Germany finance minister who is to run as the Social-Democrat (SPD) challenger to Chancellor Angela Merkel next year, has demonstrated his tendency for plain speaking by calling Swiss bankers 'Indians' in a move that seems to set the tone for his electoral campaign.
Euro & Finance 17-09-2012

‘Very tough autumn’ ahead for EU’s banking union plans

Clear fault lines over the timetable and treatment of non-eurozone member states within the proposed European banking union emerged at an informal meeting of the bloc’s finance ministers in Cyprus on Saturday (15 September). EURACTIV reports from Nicosia.
Euro & Finance 24-07-2012

Merkel partners call for Greek euro exit

Angela Merkel's coalition partners are lining up to demand a Greek exit from the euro, mounting pressure on the German chancellor and fanning market fears that Greece could shortly leave the single currency bloc.
Euro & Finance 10-07-2012

Luxembourg scoops ECB job as part of Spain deal

Luxembourg won out last night (9 July) as eurozone ministers agreed that Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker should continue to chair the group, whilst his compatriot Yves Mersch will join the European Central Bank’s six-member executive board.
Euro & Finance 10-07-2012

Spain given one year respite over budget

Eurozone ministers agreed early this morning (10 July) to grant Spain an extra year until 2014 to reach its deficit reduction targets in exchange for further budget savings and set the parameters of an aid package for Madrid's ailing banks.
Euro & Finance 25-06-2012

Germany spearheads ‘Robin Hood’ tax group of EU nations

At least nine countries led by Germany are expected to ask the European Commission to draw up plans for a so-called "enhanced co-operation" on the financial transactions tax (FTT) following a meeting of EU finance minister in Luxembourg on Friday (22 June).
Euro & Finance 19-06-2012

Ministers mull ‘enhanced co-operation’ on finance tax

Faced with fierce opposition from Britain and Sweden, France and Germany could formally request plans for a smaller group of countries to move forward on a financial transactions tax (FTT) when finance ministers meet in Luxembourg on Friday (22 June).
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Economy & Jobs 02-05-2012

Ecofin highlights EU divisions on bank capital rules

European Finance Ministers on Wednesday met in Brussels to agree on new capital requirement rules for banks. The new law affects over 8000 banks across Europe. It aims to give them more flexibility to protect themselves against future financial crisis. The Danish presidency hopes to reach a deal on the new capital rules among EU member states before the summer. Their proposal would allow national regulators to ask for a 3% increase of capital without permission from the European Commission. Anything above that would still have to get the green light from Brussels.
Euro & Finance 02-05-2012

Danes push for grand compromise on bank rules

The Danish EU presidency plans today (2 May) to seek agreement on compromise measures designed to beef up capital requirements on 8,300 banks across Europe, as finance ministers meet for a special meeting in Brussels.
Euro & Finance 27-03-2012

Merkel accepts eurozone firewall increase

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has signalled for the first time that she was prepared to compromise on boosting funds available for bailing out struggling eurozone countries, paving the way for an increase in the bloc's firewall to contain the debt crisis.
Euro & Finance 25-01-2012

Greece locked in chicken-and-egg bond deal dilemma

Greece must underscore its political commitment to economic reforms if it is to receive a second EU bailout, finance ministers meeting in Brussels warned yesterday (24 January). Meanwhile, Greece's creditor banks argue they cannot fulfil their part of the deal unless the EU first commits the money.
Euro & Finance 24-01-2012

Tax spat to dog finance ministers

European finance ministers are set for a spat today over the extent to which the financial transactions tax (FTT) – strongly backed by France and Germany – should be pushed on the EU agenda.
Euro & Finance 03-09-2010

EU wants to keep IMF seats

European Union finance ministers are unlikely to decide to cut the number of European seats at the executive board of the International Monetary Fund any time soon, according to EU sources, despite pressure from the United States.
Euro & Finance 16-02-2010

EU finance ministers not thrilled by US banking plan

If US President Barack Obama's plan to ban proprietary trading at some banks were to be applied in the European Union, it could be problematic for the bloc's universal banks, an EU document obtained by Reuters said.