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Europe's East 20-05-2014

Ukraine gets first €100 million in EU aid

The European Commission disbursed a first loan of €100 million to Ukraine on Tuesday. It is the first tranche of a 1.6 billion euro package that the EU pledged last month to help Kiev's struggling economy.
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Europe's East 13-05-2014

EU, Ukraine sign 1 billion euro aid deal

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk signed a financial aid agreement to Kiev during a visit by the Ukrainian government to Brussels on Tuesday.
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Europe's East 15-04-2014

EU expands sanctions list against Russia

EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton announced on Monday that the European Union will expand its sanctions list against Russia, as pro-Russian armed forces occupied official buildings in Eastern Ukraine over the weekend.
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Economy & Jobs 18-03-2013

Cyprus delays vote on EU bailout, Putin calls plan ‘dangerous’

Cyprus' parliament has delayed a crucial vote until Tuesday about a controversial bailout deal reached by the EU and the IMF at the weekend. The newly-elected center-right president Nicos Anastasiades presented the deal as the only solution possible to avoid bankrapci and is currently seeking support from other political parties to ratify the agreement. He has already promised to soften the conditions for small savers.