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Economy & Jobs 31-03-2021

Women at a breaking point: gender equality in the workplace

Stakeholders have urged the EU to continue with efforts on achieving gender equality in the workplace and pay special attention to women, who have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and have seen the existing gender inequalities exacerbated by the ongoing crisis.
EU Priorities 2020 16-04-2020

EU to delay human and minority rights initiatives due to COVID-19

Despite warnings that COVID-19 may particularly affect the rights of already at-risk populations, the European Commission is looking into the possibility of delaying a host of initiatives intended to improve gender equality and protect human, sexual and ethnic minority rights, according to a draft internal working document seen by EURACTIV.
Economy & Jobs 17-08-2017

Germany’s glass ceiling: Firms given one year to appoint women

Germany's family minister has cornered German firms: Either they name women in management positions now, or they will have to comply with gender quotas in one year. EURACTIV’s partner Ouest-France reports.
Development Policy 08-03-2016

Women’s Day: No women? No development!

During extensive travels to the EU’s partner countries, the crucial role of women and girls in a society’s social and economic development has stood out time and time again, writes European Commissioner Neven Mimica.
Development Policy 29-10-2015

Malta holds back the EU on sexual rights in development policy

EU foreign affairs ministers have strengthened their stance on gender equality in development policy. But progress on sexual and reproductive rights, particularly abortion, has been hampered by Maltese opposition. EURACTIV France reports
Social justice 05-03-2015

The Juncker Plan must not be a missed opportunity for gender equality

SPECIAL REPORT / The exclusive focus of the Juncker Plan on physical infrastructure spending and investment in male-dominated industries will further undermine progress towards gender equality, write Giovanni Cozzi and Jerome De Henau.
Oliver de Schutter. [UN/Jean-Marc Ferré].
Development Policy 04-03-2013

UN report: Women’s education key to food security

Improving education for women could dramatically reduce hunger in developing countries, says a United Nations report released today (4 March) that also calls for erasing gender inequalities in land ownership and financing to help address future food security.