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EU Green Deal cannot deliver without a strong raw materials industry

Bernd Schäfer, CEO of EITRawMaterials, highlights the need for an overarching strategy and urgent action to secure the future of Europe’s strategic raw materials sector and ensure it can deliver on the Green Deal.

Call to European leaders: do not bury the ETS2

The European Parliament's proposed reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) fails to guarantee emission reductions in the housing and transport sector in line with the bloc's 2030 climate objectives, writes a group of academics and civil society groups.
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CBAM: moving away from the EU’s economic and environmental goals

On June 7, the European Parliament will cast its final vote on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) proposal. This will mark the last opportunity for the Parliament and the Council of the EU to fine tune the Mechanism and ensure its ultimate objectives can be fulfilled.
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Internet governance 31-05-2022

Enabling the Enablers: A Path to Europe’s Green Transition

As ICT companies prepare for the future of connectivity, they remain mindful of our planet’s future. Forward-looking regulatory instruments, with a technology neutral approach to green transitions, will enable the enablers. Learn more during our fourth Digital Debate Series event.
Europe's East 30-05-2022

It’s time for Paris-Berlin-Warsaw leadership on the war in Ukraine

Germany, France and Poland must offer political leadership on the Ukraine crisis, starting with finalising an embargo on Russian oil, writes Marcin Korolec.
Energy 10-03-2022

Russia’s war in Ukraine: Why doubling down on the Green Deal is the best strategy

As EU leaders meet in Versaille, energy is set to be a key topic. But leaders must ensure that the decisions they make to break away from Russian energy push the EU in the direction of sustainability, argue European sustainability think tanks.
Europe's East 08-03-2022

The Russian war in Ukraine and the Green Deal

In the light of the change of paradigm brought by the Russian war in Ukraine, there is no reason to halt or denounce the Green Deal, but it makes a lot of sense to significantly amend it, writes Radan Kanev.
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The Pathway to Sustainable Construction: Reading the Signs

Olympia Dolla is Sustainable Construction Manager at EURIMA, the European Insulation Manufacturers Association. Europe has set out to be a world leader in the fight against climate change, showing others the way to climate neutrality by 2050. The construction industry...
Energy 31-01-2022

The missing element of Europe’s energy and climate security policy

The implementation of the energy and climate security policies in Europe calls for the introduction of new evidence-based policy instruments for monitoring the progress of member-states, such as a EU Energy Security Risks Index, write Ruslan Stefanov and Martin Vladimirov.

No more delays: the Commission must publish new rules for corporate Europe

It's time for the European Commission to finally make good on its promise to regulate the supply chains that feed into Europe’s single market, argues Richard Gardiner.
Stakeholder Opinion
Future EU 04-01-2022

Why Europe? On European Purpose and Power

The world is fragmented and the future is uncertain. New paradigms and narratives are emerging. Why should Europe then be the answer? And what makes Europe “European”? Europa can best be understood by its history, its sufferings and revolutions, the...
Climate change 21-12-2021

Why the EU Green Deal is critical for making the construction sector sustainable

The construction sector needs to become more agile to meet the challenges of energy transition when it comes to climate change, and one of the most prominent financial instruments supporting companies is sustainability-linked bonds, writes Ebru Özdemir.
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Seizing the opportunity: three foundations for a smart and affordable building decarbonization

The conclusions of COP26 are clear: we have to speed up to keep the 1.5°C targets within reach. That is a priority of the new German government, the guiding principle for the EU Green Deal, and also for my company:...
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Agrifood 08-11-2021

What is the use of innovation if it cannot be implemented? Or why consumers have the last word

What is the use of innovation if it cannot be implemented? How can we efficiently implement innovation?” These were some of the central questions posed at EFIB 2021, Europe’s leading event on Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy organized by EuropaBio.
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Carbon capture and utilisation technologies are solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and move away from fossil resources

Today, the extraction and use of fossil carbon is the main controller of the Earth’s thermostat. To mitigate climate change, the urgency is to substitute fossil-based products and implement circular carbon solutions to generate essential goods and services.
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Gas makes the European Green Deal work

With the European Green Deal, the European Union has a vision for climate protection and an economy of the future. Dawn Summers, President of GasNaturally and COO of Wintershall Dea, sets out how natural gas can contribute

Europe’s winter of discontent: The cost of sluggish energy transition

After a summer of heatwaves and wildfires in Europe, it’s strange to think this winter could be uncomfortably cold for many, writes Timur Tillyaev.
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Getting off the fence? The future of coal in the Western Balkans

Driven by ambitious targets and a set of sharp regulatory tools, the Green Deal is about to redefine the European economy and policy. As to be expected from a transformation of that magnitude, developments do not always follow a straight...
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National social dialogue must be improved, or Europe will fail to deliver a Just Transition of the Green Transition

Social dialogue and workers’ rights are evidently undermined across Europe. This will jeopardise the Just Transition – a fair and inclusive green transition that leaves no-one behind.
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Making European sustainable mobility a reality with cellulosic ethanol

Transport is responsible for more than 25% of CO2 emissions worldwide and consumes almost 50% of the world’s oil production. The Green Deal calls on transport emissions to fall by 90% by 2050. Without the transport sector bearing its fair...
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How to reconcile the EU climate ambitions and competitiveness – will CBAM square the circle?

The Polish efforts to reach the climate goals are in the spotlight: TOGETAIR 2021 marks the second edition of the Polish Climate Summit and the first edition of the Polish Multimedia Climate Report. Both offer a unique chance for the...
Special ReportStakeholder Opinion

Hydrogen – the case for Central and Eastern Europe

Best businesses thrive when faced with challenges and the EU Green Deal offers an abundance of them in the foreseeable future. However, the potential to turn a challenge into an opportunity will rely on joint and coordinated efforts of public...

How the EU taxonomy can be the tool for dynamic climate transition

The EU’s “sustainable Taxonomy” has been sometimes portrayed as a binary tool defining which economic activities are sustainable and which ones are not. In fact, it can benefit a wide cross-section of Europe’s economy, writes Nathan Fabian.
Azerbaijan 11-12-2020

TAP pipeline is bringing EU energy policy to Azerbaijan

The construction of the TAP pipeline could set an example of what a project developer’s role should be – to build a commercial infrastructure project, while mitigating any potential environmental and social challenges, writes Danila Bochkarev.