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Global Europe 16-07-2020

EU and India seek deeper trade ties

Indian and EU leaders vowed to deepen trade ties on Wednesday (15 July) as both face the economic shock of the coronavirus epidemic and rising tensions with China.
Global Europe 18-02-2020

Indian FM defends citizenship law as he promotes EU ties

India's Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar on Monday (17 February) defended his country's controversial new citizenship law and crackdown in Kashmir, as he came to Brussels to promote what he hopes will be closer strategic ties to the European Union.
Energy 13-03-2018

India takes lion’s share of EU bank funding for solar power

The European Investment Bank (EIB) signed an agreement last Friday (9 March) to provide €800 million for clean energy projects in India, one day before an International Solar Alliance summit took place in Delhi.
Global Europe 23-01-2018

Indian PM launches charm offensive in Davos

After last year’s push from China to champion itself as the saviour of globalisation and lure international investors, this year it was the turn of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to slam protectionism and showcase a 'new India' to global chief executives gathered in Davos.
Global Europe 18-10-2017

EU-India relations come full-circle

For more than a decade, the EU and India partnership had been slow-moving and fragmented, struggling to maintain momentum. The last EU-India summit however shows EU-India relations have come full circle, writes Gauri Khandekar.
Economy & Jobs 06-10-2017

EU, India dust off promise for a trade deal

EU and India leaders promised to take their trade relationship ‘to the next level’ as they met during a summit in New Delhi on Friday (6 October) - but with some strings attached.
Freedom of thought 04-10-2017

EU must demand respect for human rights in trade talks with India

The Indian government must guarantee the security of religious minorities if it wants to conclude trade deals with the EU, writes Lars Adaktusson.
Climate change 07-06-2017

Modi in Europe: A strategic new engagement

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Europe has been a strategic endeavour to reaffirm India’s engagement with the European Union and firmly establish India’s position as a key global actor, writes Gauri Khandekar.
Global Europe 30-05-2017

Germany calls on India to open up more to free trade

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Germany to drum up investment in his country. A new study claims that an EU-India free trade deal could boost Europe’s economy, Germany’s especially, by over €21 billion. EURACTIV Germany reports.
A Hindu woman takes ritual bath in the river Ganga on April 23, 2011 in the holy city of Varanasi, India [Shutterstock]
Trade & Society 11-04-2016

EU turns a blind eye to growing human rights concerns in India

Founded with the vocation to bring peace and prosperity, the EU has a global responsibility to promote human rights. It should be fulfilling this responsibility beyond mere lip service, writes Sophia Kuby.
Trade & Society 31-03-2016

EU-India: Technology transfer, a winning token to access new markets

Together Europe and India can scale clean tech at optimum cost into other developed and emerging markets, argues Leena Pishe Thomas.
Global Europe 31-03-2016

India, EU vow to boost anti-terror ties

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a summit with EU leaders yesterday (30 March) to strengthen ties with bloc, vowing to boost counter-terrorism cooperation as he paid tribute to the victims of the Brussels attacks.
Trade & Society 17-08-2015

EU, India working to resolve trade row over generic drugs

The EU and India are taking steps to end a trade row sparked by an EU ban of 700 Indian pharmaceutical products after New Delhi cancelled talks on a free trade accord earlier this month.
Health 06-08-2015

India suspends trade talks with the EU over generic drugs ban

India said on Wednesday (5 August) it had put off for now the resumption of talks on a planned free trade accord with the European Union due to the bloc's refusal to lift a ban on the sale of around 700 pharmaceutical products.
Trade & Society 24-03-2015

India ready to revive trade talks with the EU

In a move to resume negotiations for a free trade agreement with the EU, Nirmala Sitharama, India's Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, said on Monday (23 March) that New Delhi was "ready to talk".
Global Europe 21-05-2014

How Europe Will Benefit from India’s Elections

Europe is poised to benefit from the shift to the centre-rigtht in India's general elections last week, writes Dhruva Jaishankar.
Trade & Society 24-04-2013

Brussels ready to make concessions to untangle EU-India trade pact

The European Union is ready to make an "ambitious" offer on temporary work visas for Indian professionals to help finalise a delayed free trade agreement, the EU's chief negotiator said on Tuesday (23 April), calling for India to reciprocate.
Global Europe 18-01-2013

EU-India free trade deal in final lap, diplomat says

A free-trade agreement between India and the European Union has entered its final stage and negotiators "are looking at a possible conclusion" by spring, the Indian ambassador to the EU told EURACTIV.
Global Europe 14-02-2012

EU-India: Getting the bilateral compact right

The latest EU-India summit managed to touch upon the political dimension of the partnership, yet there are still several issues which remain to be resolved, writes Gauri Khandekar.
Global Europe 10-02-2012

EU, India hope for a trade deal by year-end

Meeting in New Delhi on Friday (10 February), EU and Indian leaders said they took a “significant step forward” to speed up negotiations to reach a free-trade pact by the end of the year, which would double trade between the 27-country bloc and the Asian partner.
Global Europe 10-02-2012

EU-India trade deal not yet in sight

European and Indian officials don’t expect much will come out of the EU-India Summit today (10 February) in New Delhi, but leaders on both sides will assess progress on negotiations towards a Free Trade Agreement, which seems stuck in disputes over tariffs.
Global Europe 16-08-2011

A new page in Indo-Pakistani relations?

In the run-up to their respective independence days, India and Pakistan have renewed peace and security talks. But while people on both sides deeply desire peace, there still remains a deep mistrust at the political and military level, writes Gauri Khandekar from Madrid-based think-tank FRIDE.
Global Europe 09-05-2011

Lead MEP underlines social angle of EU-India trade deal

The Free Trade Agreement currently being negotiated between India and the EU must be accompanied by a clear commitment to respect international social and environmental standards, said Graham Watson MEP, head of the European Parliament's delegation for EU-India relations, which has a say on trade deals.
Global Europe 19-04-2011

Indian MP Tharoor: Europe must stop lecturing India

While relations between India and China or India and the US have their moments of tension, nothing divides the country and Europe, except when Europe tries to give too much advice on domestic issues, said Shashi Tharoor, a former UN under-secretary general and a member of the Indian parliament, in an in interview with EURACTIV.