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Digital & Media 24-10-2016

Edwy Plenel: Europe needs participative media against populism

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker must  operate in a participative democracy if he wants to carve a proper plan to re-launch the European construction. That is true also for the media, Edwy Plenel said in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Digital & Media 22-01-2014

Tech entrepreneur: EU should focus innovation where it has a chance

Xavier Damman, founder of the successful online storytelling tool Storify, tried to launch his start-up in Europe, but moved to the United States to get it off the ground. “Could I have developed Storify here? No. Europe shouldn’t try to compete, but it can try to complete,” he told EURACTIV in an interview.

Industry rep: ‘Media companies would rather be left alone’

Media executives and policymakers meet on Tuesday (21 January) at the Future Media Lab conference in Brussels. Industry representatives and innovators will exchange thoughts with EU policymakers on how to reinvent the media business model, even if, says Angela Mills Wade, “there is no need for any new media-specific rules or regulations. Media companies would rather be left alone”.