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Digital & Media 05-05-2020

Commission mulls ‘innovative financial solutions’ to back EU media sector

The European Commission is mulling over plans to introduce 'new and innovative financial solutions' to support the sustainability of the EU's media sector amid the current health crisis.
#Media4EU 06-04-2017

News agencies join forces for EU data journalism site

AFP, the French international news agency, is joining forces with Italy's ANSA and Germany's DPA to launch a new website offering data journalism on the European Union.
Digital & Media 27-10-2016

Court rules Greek government-led auction on TV licences is flawed

Senior Greek judges ruled on Wednesday (26 October) an auction of TV licences held by the left-led government in September was flawed, throwing into disarray a crusade by authorities to shake up an unregulated broadcasting sector.
Digital & Media 04-02-2015

Former Commissioners back strategy for EU media

The EU should help encourage a better business environment for pan-European media and help it develop new technology pilots, former Commissioners told an event on sustainable media staged in the Parliament last week (29 January).
#Media4EU event, 29 January 2015
Digital & Media 02-02-2015

As it happened: Six to-dos for sustainable European media

How can independent media survive across Europe? EURACTIV releases six recommendations in January 2015 for a more effective EU strategy towards media and the fourth estate.

Media in crisis look towards innovation for answers

The European media industry has struggled to find a sustainable model in a changing, online environment, and is sceptical about policymakers' ability to help. As tech entrepreneur Xavier Damman, the creator of Storify, puts it: "We should stop trying to replicate Silicon Valley."
Public Affairs 09-12-2013

Too many acronyms, not enough heads: EU’s image problem revisited in Berlin debate

Criticism of Europe has become a recurrent feature in the media with the eurozone debt crisis. But German media received a slap on the back for its quality coverage of EU affairs at a debate in Berlin last Monday (2 December).
Languages & Culture 25-06-2010

MEPs want wider media coverage of EU

Public service broadcasters should cover EU matters more widely, while governments, parties and politicians need to do more to explain them to citizens, said the European Parliament's culture committee in a resolution adopted this week (23 June), triggering criticism that the EU is funding "blatant propaganda". 
Languages & Culture 09-06-2010

MEPs call for EU law to defend media pluralism

National governments and the European Commission should do more to protect media pluralism and press freedom in Europe, argued a cross-party group of MEPs yesterday (8 June), calling for financial support to help the European media sector survive the crisis. 
Public Affairs 19-03-2010

Brussels press corps ‘shrinking’, journalists say

The number of journalists covering European Union affairs from Brussels is shrinking, according to International Press Association, which yesterday (18 March) called for the introduction of a "special statute" for media correspondents accredited to the EU institutions.  

Europe’s growth in e-government services slows in 2003

A report by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young for the Commission shows declining growth rates for e-government services in Europe. Services to businesses are still way ahead of that for citizens.

Survey shows overall satisfaction with public e-services, but usage stats appear to be low

The European Commission revealed on 1 December the results of a large-scale survey on the use and quality of public government online services.

EP states self-regulation is best for audiovisual industries

In a resolution adopted on 10 April, the MEPs demanded more self-regulation by the audiovisual industry to protect children from harmful online content.