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  • Germany sees immigration boom while native population declines

    News | Trade & Society 03-08-2015

    More than 20% of Germany’s population has a migrant background. Migrants are almost twice as likely to have a university education as the average German. 

  • British-German axis emerges against benefits tourism

    News | Brexit 13-03-2015

    The UK and Germany both want to see tighter controls on access to welfare for EU migrants, according to German MP Stephan Mayer, who was in London to step up the Christian Social Union's (CSU) campaign against so-called benefits tourism in Europe.

  • Commission releases guide on social benefits for EU migrants

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 13-01-2014

    Brussels published on Monday a new guide on social benefits for EU migrants, amid a fierce debate on immigration across Europe.
    The guide aims to clarify the worker's place of residence and therefore, which country is responsible for providing social welfare.
    It comes at a a time when countries like the UK are trying to reduce the social benefits EU migrants can claim. With the European elections in sight, fears of what some already call 'benefit tourism' are spreading across the continent.