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Macron proposes EU collective defence plan

French President Emmanuel Macron suggested that Europe adopts a form of collective defence on Thursday (30 August) as he strengthens calls for EU integration in the face of concerns over the United States' security commitments.
Politics 12-10-2017

Germany urged to rethink, revamp its military spending-report

The changing political landscape should force Germany to step out of the shadow of its past and take a much more active role in Europe's defence and security, according to a new report published on Thursday (12 October).
Politics 05-09-2017

Make peace, not war: Stop the European Defence Fund

The proposal to set up a European Defence Fund, recently announced by the European Commission, is a disturbing and unacceptable move which is of sole benefit to military industries and arms trade, writes Xavier Maslloren.
Defence policy 18-05-2017

Mogherini sees EU military HQ ‘within days’

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini said Thursday (18 May) remaining differences over a planned military headquarters had been resolved and it could be formally launched in a few days.
Security 14-02-2017

Germany to deepen military ties with EU allies

Germany will move forward this week with plans to set up a joint fleet of Lockheed Martin Corp C-130J transport planes with France and join a Netherlands-led fleet of Airbus A330 tanker planes, defence ministry sources said on Monday (13 February).
Global Europe 19-09-2016

France leading the campaign for EU military HQ

France and Germany both support the idea of creating a European military headquarters, but Paris has the most to gain from the project. EURACTIV France reports.
Transport 19-06-2015

Trouble on Europe’s flanks lifts interest in drones and military aircraft

SPECIAL REPORT / A possible Greek exit from the eurozone, on-going tension with Russia, and a refugee crisis that is causing widening conflicts within the European Union. Added together they could become today’s Waterloo. Yet for the aviation industry participating in the biennial Paris Air Show this week, there is opportunity in these difficulties.
Italian frigate

EU leaders to consider military crackdown on Libya traffickers

EU leaders gathering in Brussels today (23 April) will consider launching a military operation against human traffickers in Libya, held responsible for the deaths of thousands of migrants this year in the Mediterranean, a draft statement showed.
A Taranis drone prepares for takeoff at an airfield in England. [© 2014 BAE Systems]
Transport 23-07-2014

Eurodrones: too politically loaded a venture for Europe?

The downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight in eastern Ukraine has highlighted how unmanned aircraft could help Europe when it comes to surveillance operations in warzones.
German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen speaks in Berlin. 2014 [Sebastian Wilke/Medien Bundeswehr/Flickr]
Global Europe 03-07-2014

German defence minister backs ‘European armed drone’

Procurement of so-called fighter drones to protect German armed forces remains controversial, but Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen has finally disclosed her plans for the aircraft: The German military should receive drones, she said, but these can only be deployed with parliamentary approval. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Germany intends to send two Antonow 124 transport planes to support the EU mission in the Central African Republic. Leipzig, April 2013 [Patrick Timmann]
Development Policy 01-04-2014

No development funds for interventions, says minister

"No." There are no military options for Europe in Africa, stated Germany's Development Minister, rebuffing French calls for greater Bundeswehr involvement. Instead, Gerd Müller believes development policy should be the top priority. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Trade & Society 24-07-2013

Barnier urges Europeans to build their own drones

In proposals aimed at relaunching cooperation on defence production, to be unveiled today (24 July), the EU’s commissioner for the internal market, Michel Barnier, urges Europe to shake off its dependency on Israel and the United States for pilotless military aircraft known as drones.
Global Europe 30-01-2013

EU ready to help Mali to rebuild its army

The European Union has a vital role to play in rebuilding Malian army that is badly paid, poorly equipped and seriously weakened by a year of defeats, the commander of a new EU military training mission said yesterday (29 January).