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Health 20-06-2017

The ‘Eurovision of inventors’ and new solutions for protecting the planet

Whether or not Donald Trump is taking part in efforts to protect the planet, inventions and technological progress are filling an important gap and the EU is playing a role bigger than generally assumed, writes Eli Hadzhieva.

Not out yet, Britain backs EU patent court

Britain pleased and surprised some of its European Union partners on Monday by pledging to ratify a new, unified patent system for the bloc even though London is about to leave the EU.
Digital 02-12-2015

Battistelli: Many Apple patents would not have been granted in Europe

Europe is well on track to having the highly-anticipated EU unitary patent in place, by late 2016. The aim will be to deliver “rigorous” licences to avoid any ‘patent war’ as it is the case in the US, the President of the European Patent Office (EPO), Benoît Battistelli, says.
Digital 16-06-2015

A troll under the digital bridge

Copyright reforms in the Digital Single Market (DSM) are a start. But digital patent reforms are inevitable if Europe wants to compete against the United States and China, writes Hosuk Lee-Makiyama.

Survey: single European patent winning over companies

Europe's new one-stop patent system is winning over companies despite initial criticism from lawyers and some multinationals of the scheme, which is expected to come into effect in 2016, according to a survey released on Monday (2 June).
Future EU 14-12-2012

EU leaders hail ‘successful’ Cyprus Presidency

A two-day EU summit ended today (14 December) without major decisions, but with a feeling of gradual return to normal after the worst of the crisis. It also provided an occasion for leaders to congratulate Cyprus on its success in what appears to have been a productive presidency.
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Parliament gives final nod to EU patent

  The European Union took a step closer to an EU-wide patent yesterday (11 December) with lawmakers voting to cut the cost of protecting inventions and a top advisor to Europe's highest court rejecting a challenge to the new scheme.

Parliament gives final nod to EU patent

The European Union took a step closer to an EU-wide patent yesterday (11 December) with lawmakers voting to cut the cost of protecting inventions and a top advisor to Europe's highest court rejecting a challenge to the new scheme.
Languages & Culture 11-12-2012

EU patent finally sees light – without Spain and Italy

A system that made patent registration up to 60 times more expensive in Europe than in China is being scrapped in favour of a one-size-fits-all pan-European process. But Spain and Italy refused to join the scheme because of language concerns.
EU Priorities 2020 29-06-2012

Summit puts end to EU patent turf war

EU leaders have forged a compromise that will end a long-running dispute over a common European patent, clearing the way for easier and less costly way of registering products.

Rapporteur: ‘Italy is substantially isolated on patent issue’

Although some amendments are required, the European Commission's proposal for a unitary patent is broadly acceptable to MEPs, according to European People's Party MEP Raffaele Baldassarre, the rapporteur in the European Parliament's legal affairs committee who will steer the proposals through the EU assembly.

Spain, Italy step up fight over patent

Spain and Italy are threatening more legal action if ministers steam ahead with proposals for an EU patent in Luxembourg on Monday (27 June), on top of the case they have already brought at the European Court of Justice.
Brexit 11-04-2011

Single market re-launch to see ‘Polish plumber’ comeback?

Traders such as tour guides and plumbers should be able to ply their wares across member states by flashing professional ID cards under proposals designed to re-launch the Single Market Act this week.

Parliament to press ahead with EU patent

Despite doubts over the legality of the proposed linguistic regime, the European Parliament is expected to give its green light tomorrow (15 February) to using the so-called 'enhanced cooperation' procedure to launch a common EU patent system without Spain and Italy on board.

Parliament to fast-track vote on EU patent

The European Parliament will tomorrow (27 January) give its first green light to 23-country enhanced cooperation for the European patent, confirming a fast-track approach chosen by the European Commission despite a number of unresolved controversial issues.
Languages & Culture 09-12-2010

Italy isolated as ten countries unite on patents

So far there are 10. At least nine EU countries were needed to make an end-run around Italy to create a united patent and protect the design of products sold across their borders. 
Trade & Society 26-11-2010

An EU patent without Italy? Member states turn up the heat

Italy found itself in a political squeeze on Thursday (25 November) as several key European countries moved to create a unified patent to protect the design of products sold across their borders.

Strengthening innovation need not cost new money

Countries facing huge public debt and diminishing resources will have a hard time earmarking money for innovation, but other means do exist, argues Eva Srejber, vice-president of the European Investment Bank, in a commentary sent to EURACTIV.

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