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Samaras tells EU Parliament that Greece has delivered

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras defended on Wednesday Greece's turn to lead the European Union, as the country goes through one of the biggest crisis in decades. Addressing the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Samaras said that Greece has delivered on its commitments to implement fiscal reforms and that the country is slowly coming out of the crisis.
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Global Europe 03-07-2012

Cyprus takes on EU Presidency amid bailout talks

Cyprus began its 1st EU rotating Presidency on Sunday only days after it formally requested European financial aid. As the 5th eurozone country to ask for a bailout, Cyprus banks are hugely exposed to the Greek crisis. Cypriot officials said on Monday that the bailout request will not affect their management of Europe's agenda. As Cyprus holds talks with Brussels, it might also seek help elsewhere. Nicosia held discussions with Russia to get a bilateral loan of up to 6 billion euros. Already in 2011, Russia lent the Cypriot government over 2 billions euros.
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Future EU 06-01-2012

Danish ‘Lego presidency’ could deliver lasting legacy for Europe

The Danish presidency of the European Union comes at one of the most difficult moments in the union's history. It's biggest challenge: Keeping the EU construct together. The financial crisis has driven a wedge between euro and non-euro countries, with David Cameron's UK seeking isolation from the rest of Europe at a time that the global economy is becoming increasingly interdependent. Denmark joined the EU in 1973, at the same time as the UK, and it's the 7th time that it now holds the EU presidency.