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  • Interview with Gregor Woschnagg, Permanent Representative of Austria to the EU

    Interview | Future EU 09-01-2006

    Gregor Woschnagg is likely to be one of the busiest men in the European Union at present. A diplomat and a senior civil servant in various ministries in Austria, he took over the post of Permanent Representative in September 1999, only weeks before the Austrian National Council elections that led to a major crisis between Austria and the EU. In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Ambassador Woschnagg comments on the Austrian Presidency's priorities.

  • Make or Break Summit? – Britain’s persistent EU delusions

    Opinion | Brexit 26-10-2005

    "Copy me, I'm the best and you're wrong" - that is the UK government's attitude towards its guests at the Hampton Court Social Council, on 27 October 2005, says Kirsty Hughes in this commentary for EURACTIV. The 24 other EU countries are rather unlikely to follow such a charming invitation. New Labour's economic policy still places the Blair government to the right of European Christian Democrats and in the camp of right-wing populists like Italy's Berlusconi or Spain's Aznar. 

  • Germany set for grand coalition

    News | Elections 26-09-2005

    In the follow-up to the German elections, leadership is now at the centre of discussions, with a view to Germany's EU presidency in two years.

  • UK presidency to tackle health inequalities

    News | Health 19-07-2005

    The UK presidency says it has two clear health policy priorities: reducing health inequalities and promoting patient safety.

  • Slovenia first new member state to take EU helm

    News | Future EU 16-12-2004

    EU foreign ministers have adopted the list of the teams of
    presidencies which will lead the Union from 1 January 2007.

  • Enhancing Political Leadership in the EU

    Opinion | EU Priorities 2020 20-02-2003

    Enhancing Political Leadership in the EU(January 2003) ByJanis A. EmmanouilidisandClaus Giering.   Abstract:In January 2003 the French and German Government issued a joint proposal on the future of the European Presidency. In their proposal they suggested a permanent presidency of the European Council …

  • Debate over future EU Presidency heats up

    News | Future EU 22-05-2002

    On 20 May, the Spanish Prime Minister and the current EU President, José Maria Aznar, backed proposals from Britain and France on the creation of a new post of president of the European Council.

  • Danish EU Presidency has eEurope high on agenda

    News | Digital 22-05-2002

    According to Mrs Sidse Aegidius, Head of Division at the Danish Ministry of science, technology and innovation, the Danish EU Presidency will focus on security in eEurope.

  • Spain and France agree on Europe

    News 24-05-2000

    Meeting in Santander, both President Chirac and Prime Minister Aznar stressed the need for institutional reforms to make future enlargements a success

  • France will avoid federalism debate

    News 22-05-2000

    France will not be pushing for a federalist agenda during its coming EU presidency

  • Preparing the French Presidency

    News 09-05-2000

    The French Presidency, starting on 1 July 2000, will concentrate on the reform of the EU institutions and the social agenda

  • Portugal makes little progress on IGC

    News 03-05-2000

    The Portuguese Presidency is making little progress in the Intergovernmental Conference talks