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Future EU 05-07-2017

Commission must involve the people in next EU budget debate

French President Emmanuel Macron is right to propose public debates on the Future of Europe. But the EU budget is where change will first manifest itself, writes David Holyoake.
Future EU 06-03-2017

Visegrád on Juncker’s White Paper: No to a multi-speed Europe

The V4 do not want federalisation, nor a return to only the single market. The emergence of multi-speed Europe is particularly undesirable for them. However, this is where the Visegrád consensus ends, writes Vít Dostál.
Brexit 03-10-2016

Brexit vote gives EU real impetus for change

Europe needs to learn the true lesson of Brexit: that the Union's foundations are weak, and radical reform is needed if European integration is to flourish, writes Lucas Bergkamp.
Brexit 07-07-2016

Future EU-UK relations: Silver linings or rain clouds?

Now is not the time to get bogged down in what the EU treaties do and do not allow. We need a new vision for Europe that offers members the flexibility they need and can inspire future generations to embrace the European project, writes Tom Parker.
Brexit 27-06-2016

Brexit has exposed Juncker’s democratic unaccountability

The fallout from Brexit would have claimed the scalp of any other politician, but Jean-Claude Juncker appears to be bullet-proof. Never has his unaccountability to the people been so obvious, writes James Crisp.
Brexit 12-11-2015

British citizens must stand up for the EU

Cameron’s EU renegotiation may be too little too late for the Eurosceptics. The rise of their "Out" campaign threatens the livelihoods and social protection of thousands of UK citizens, writes Jude Kirton-Darling. 
Brexit 27-10-2015

‘Enthusiasm gap’ could make difference in Brexit referendum

For Romania and the rest of Eastern Europe, a Brexit would be extremely damaging. But as long as the 'Remain' campaign lacks enthusiasm, this is a real threat, writes Alina Bârg?oanu.
Brexit 23-10-2015

The UK’s EU debate: We must do better

The Brexit debate needs to take place on a more informed level. The central question should be whether today’s EU can protect its founding values of reconciliation, peace-making, neighbourliness and solidarity, writes Robert Innes.
Trade & Society 05-08-2015

Brexit is Ireland’s biggest ever foreign policy challenge

Many Europeans support the UK’s reform agenda, but a Brexit would lead other EU member states, and particularly Ireland, into uncharted waters, argues Brian Hayes. 
Pound sterling and euro notes
Brexit 30-06-2015

Cameron should not ignore EU Capital Markets Union reforms

Many small business in Europe struggle to get the financing they need. Here’s how to fix it, write Thomas Aubrey, Renaud Thillaye and Alastair Reed.
EU flag with pound sign
Brexit 25-06-2015

The eurozone’s Five Presidents’ report, and what it means for Britain

Between the lines, the new ‘five presidents’ report’ on the future of EMU tells an interesting story about how eurozone leaders see their future together. Britain should take note, writes Renaud Thillaye.
Poppy appeal
Brexit 25-06-2015

Britain’s shy sceptics and the ‘No Thanks’ vote

Opinion polls currently point to a clear victory for the ‘Yes’ camp in Britain’s referendum on EU membership. But those who are shy in declaring their voting intentions could foil the pollsters, writes Dr Melanie Sully.
EU Priorities 2020 03-04-2015

Why Le Pen is wrong about Europe

The recent performance of the National Front in France’s local elections is symptomatic of the European electorate’s disenchantment with the EU. But strengthening the Union, not tearing it down, is the way to guarantee a better future, argues Gilles Pittoors.
Brexit 19-03-2015

EU reform: What do we actually need?

All politicians want to reform the EU and make it work better for citizens. But, as Richard Corbett explains, there is no clear consensus on what reform is needed. 
Brexit 28-02-2014

Savvy banality: Changing the notion of reform in the EU

Speaking to Britain’s parliament last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel redefined the meaning of European reform. Not in terms of treaty changes, but as a mindset emphasising renewal, competitiveness, and measuring up with the best of the world, writes Almut Möller.
Future EU 05-09-2013

If Europe was stronger…

I would happily agree to transfer more powers to the European Union if in exchange they protected my interests more strongerly and efficiently than national institutions can provide, writes Ivailo Kalfin.