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Europe's East 27-05-2015

Russia denies German lawmaker entry

The Kremlin’s refusal to grant entry to German MP Karl-Georg Wellmann has taken a new toll on strained relations between Berlin and Moscow, causing Bundestag Vice President Johannes Singhammer to postpone his own trip to the Russian capital. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Future EU 05-06-2013

The EU and its member states: To recommend is not to command

The recent tension between the French authorities and Brussels over the European Commission's recommendations for reform show more than ever the need to clarify the scope of national and joint powers in economic and social matters, says Yves Bertoncini.
Elections 12-09-2012

Dutch election remains wide open as voters head to the polls

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the liberal VVD and the Labour (PvdA) leader Diederik Samsom were neck-and-neck heading into today's general election, the latest polls showed.