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Europe's East 15-05-2014

EU-Russia trade drops sharply, as bilateral relations sour

In a new sign of chilling relations between the EU and Russia, trade between the two blocs dropped considerably in the first quarter of 2014, while the EU trade deficit with Moscow slightly declined, according to Eurostat figures to be published on Friday (16 May).
Europe's East 31-01-2014

Berlin urged to step in over EU’s relations with Ukraine, Russia

Berlin must take on an active, coordinative role between Brussels and Moscow, said an official from Germany's Eastern European economic relations committee, adding that an EU-Russia summit, like the one that happened on Tuesday (28 January), is definitely not constructive, EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 29-01-2014

Spirit of ‘détente’ prevails at EU-Russia summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his EU hosts appeared in a conciliatory mood following a two-hour summit held in Brussels on Tuesday (28 January). Surprisingly, Putin made no political accusations against the EU for meddling in its neighbourhood, and obtained bilateral consultations aimed at reassuring Russia on the economic consequences of the EU’s Eastern Partnership initiative.
Europe's East 28-01-2014

Political suspense grows in Ukraine as protesters radicalise

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich agreed to talks with opposition leaders to the repeal of some anti-protest laws and to discuss the fate of the current government at a crunch session of parliament today (28 January), called to end two months of unrest against his rule. The EU and the United States warned the authorities against introducing a state of emergency.
Global Europe 27-01-2014

Russia, EU set to clash on causes of Ukraine turmoil

EU leaders will tell Vladimir Putin when they meet for a summit in Brussels tomorrow (28 January) that the present Ukrainian crisis was prompted by Russian pressure on Kyiv. The Russian president is expected to counter by saying that the EU made the first move by offering Ukraine a free trade agreement and for meddling in its internal affairs.