About: EU-Russia summit

Europe's East 25-11-2014

Russia’s EU strategy is to isolate member states

Russia’s strategy with the EU is to isolate the member states from one other, so Europe has to remain united when it negotiates with Moscow, writes Siim Kallas.
Europe's East 03-11-2014

Why the West will never understand Russia

?Moscow will look for every way to circumvent the sanctions and encourage divisions within the European Union before the question of economic sanctions returns, writes Siim Kallas.
Global Europe 28-01-2014

What should the EU-Russia summit be about?

The battlefield for defending European values has shifted to the East, to the streets of Kiev, Tbilisi and other Eastern neighbours. While these regions are willing to take full responsibility for this push for freedom, this is not only their battle and the European Union should signal this loudly and clearly in its dialogue with Russia, writes Salome Samadashvili.