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Overly paid and insensitive bureaucracy: Is this the Union we want?

The COVID-19 crisis has only made worse the income and work security gap between Commission employees and European citizens. A senior university professor in Bulgaria makes similar salary as a starting secretary in the Commission. Is this the Union we want, Piotr Maciej Kaczyński asks.
Brexit 26-09-2019

The best paid EU lawmakers? The Brexit Party

The 28 lawmakers from Britain’s Brexit Party have collectively declared outside earnings of between €2 million and €4.5 million per year, making them the highest earners in the European Parliament, Transparency International said on Thursday. The party, founded by anti-EU...
Global Europe 14-10-2016

Who fears the wolf of globalisation?

Trade unions and companies are more closely aligned against the harmful competition stemming from emerging economies’ low salaries and working conditions than ever before. But the EU's export of jobs is harming itself and the global economy, write Ernest Maragall and Jordi Angusto.
Ex-Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen, in the European Parliament. [EP]

Interim commissioner bonuses branded ‘excessive’

Interim EU commissioners, elected in July, will receive roughly half a million euros for just four months of work, along with a bonus and pension plan comparable to fully-fledged commissioners. This system needs reform, critics contend. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Future EU 18-02-2013

EU wage premiums hurt potential for European added value

The debate on EU salary levels should not be discredited as a merely populist exercise. Effectively, it is also a debate on the potential future role of the EU in the provision of public goods, say Friedrich Heinemann and Stefani Weiss.
Brexit 23-01-2013

Eurocrats win pay rise, thanks to the UK

A failed attempt to modify EU staff rules, reduce headcount and raise the retirement age, means European civil servants in Brussels earned higher salaries this month, the European Commission told EURACTIV today (23 January). Ironically, this is due to Britain's rejection of the Commission's proposed reform.
Future EU 04-10-2011

Šef?ovi?: EU staff will keep high wages, but work more

To increase budget efficiency while maintaining salaries at the same level, the Commission is asking officials to work longer hours without giving additional compensation or other sweeteners. EURACTIV has spoken with European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šef?ovi?, as intensive negotiations with the staff unions are underway.
Public Affairs 25-11-2010

EU officials win pay rise battle with member states

National governments have no right to block a planned salary increase for EU officials, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled yesterday (24 November).