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Agrifood 15-10-2021

Agrifood Brief: Beef game

The worldwide success of the newest Netflix series, 'Squid Game', showed how Korean culture can be easily exported across Europe. But when it comes to food, South Korea is also getting ready to import European beef (again).
Economy & Jobs 13-10-2021

South Korean trade minister calls for closer ties with the EU

Ten years after the free trade agreement between the EU and South Korea was signed, South Korean trade minister Yeo seeks to modernize it by including investment protection and new technologies.
Plateforme pétrolière en mer Baltique, 2008. [Andrew/Flickr]
Energy 11-06-2019

UK-South Korea deal seeks to calm Brexit anxiety in oil markets

A UK-South Korea trade deal announced Monday (10 June) guarantees future exemption from oil tariffs following a spate of dry months without crude imports coming from Britain's North Sea fields.
Economy & Jobs 19-10-2018

Putting the EU-South Korea partnership to work

The EU-South Korea summit taking place today (18 October) symbolises the EU's close and multifaceted partnership with South Korea. Yet, Brussels and Seoul should take some practical steps to strengthen their relationship, argue Ramon Pacheco Pardo, Linde Desmaele and Maximilian Ernst.
Brexit 07-03-2018

UK faces ‘cliff edge’ over EU trade pacts, warn MPs

Rolling over EU trade agreements after Brexit must be treated as “an urgent priority” if the UK is to avoid a trade ‘cliff edge’, UK MPs have warned.
Agrifood 31-08-2017

Fipronil scandal: South Korea opens its market to Spanish eggs

Seoul has accelerated the importation of Spanish eggs after halting them from countries where the Fipronil crisis broke out several weeks ago. EURACTIV’s partner EfeAgro reports.
Economy & Jobs 18-05-2017

MEPs slam labour rights in EU-Korea trade deal review

MEPs voted today (18 May) to support a motion for a resolution on the outcomes of a five-year-old free trade agreement with South Korea, which praises the agreement for its positive effect on trade and integration between the two countries. But it also calls on the Commission to act on labour right violations in the Asian country.
Trade & Society 12-10-2012

EFTA: A model for EU trade deals?

SPECIAL REPORT / Countries in the 50-year-old European Free Trade Association (EFTA) seem to be more successful at striking free trade deals with third countries than the EU. But the ambitious second-generation agreements lately negotiated by Brussels might tell a different story.
Languages & Culture 17-04-2012

Overcoming cultural barriers to build business ties with Asia

Cultural barriers – and languages in particular – remain a significant obstacle to trade relations with South Korea and Japan and continue to hinder the development of European businesses there, despite bilateral trade agreements, writes Thierry Fournier.
Global Europe 14-12-2010

EU-Korea trade deal ups pressure on Taiwan, Japan

The European Union is set to clear the final legal hurdles to a free trade agreement with South Korea, putting pressure on Taiwan and Japan to strike similar deals with Brussels.
Trade & Society 08-09-2010

EU-South Korea trade deal under attack

The imminent entry into force of an EU free trade agreement with South Korea might be delayed, as some countries are demanding the inclusion of new safeguards for European industry, particularly for car manufacturers. The European Parliament yesterday (7 September) postponed a decision over the deal, while Italy is threatening a veto.