About: EU-South Korea

Agrifood 15-10-2021

Agrifood Brief: Beef game

The worldwide success of the newest Netflix series, 'Squid Game', showed how Korean culture can be easily exported across Europe. But when it comes to food, South Korea is also getting ready to import European beef (again).
Digital & Media 01-10-2021

EU’s Breton on Asia tour to foster digital cooperation, tackle chips shortages

European Commissioner Thierry Breton visited Japan and South Korea this week to find common grounds for future cooperation on digital and tech matters. The agenda was dominated by the recently announced European Chips Act and the prospect of digital partnership agreements.
Data protection 28-09-2021

EU privacy watchdogs’ important caveats for data transfers with South Korea

The EU data protection authorities issued a non-binding opinion on Monday (27 September) on the level of adequacy of South Korea’s privacy law compared to EU rules, providing an overall positive assessment that some analysts said fell short of expectations.
Global Europe 05-05-2021

Ambassador: EU and South Korea born to be best like-minded partners

Climate change is likely to be a key area to strengthen cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the EU in the coming years, the country's ambassador to Brussels, Yoon Soon-gu, told EURACTIV in an interview about multilateralism, climate cooperation and the EU's Indo-Pacific strategy.
Energy 29-10-2020

South Korea mirrors European Green Deal with net-zero pledge for 2050

President Moon Jae-in has announced South Korea will commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 as part of a "Green New Deal" that closely mirrors commitments made by the European Union. EURACTIV's media partner, Climate Home News, reports.
Economy & Jobs 18-05-2017

MEPs slam labour rights in EU-Korea trade deal review

MEPs voted today (18 May) to support a motion for a resolution on the outcomes of a five-year-old free trade agreement with South Korea, which praises the agreement for its positive effect on trade and integration between the two countries. But it also calls on the Commission to act on labour right violations in the Asian country.
Trade & Society 18-02-2011

Parliament clears EU-South Korea trade pact

The European Parliament approved yesterday (17 February) a free trade pact between the European Union and South Korea, clearing the way for the EU's largest bilateral trade deal to take effect from July.