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Sebastian Vettel
Competition 30-09-2015

F1 teams file EU complaint over ‘unlawful’ revenue sharing

The Sauber and Force India teams have filed a complaint with European Union authorities about what they see as unfair and "unlawful" practices in Formula One's governance and distribution of revenues.
Sports 19-06-2015

Physical activity touted as medicine for mental illness

SPECIAL REPORT / A new report on physical activity in Europe underlines the positive impact of exercise for the body and the mind.
Sports 18-06-2015

Physical inactivity costs estimated at €80bn per year

SPECIAL REPORT / EU member states spend on average €80.4 billion each year in treatment of diseases caused by lack of exercise, according to a new report unveiled in Brussels on Wednesday (17 June).
Stress at work
Sports 17-06-2015

Employees told to get up and exercise at work

SPECIAL REPORT / A growing number of European companies are trying to create a healthier work environment for their employees, by encouraging them to get out of their chairs during work hours.
Sports 15-06-2015

Physical activity seeking wider policy recognition

SPECIAL REPORT / While the economic benefits of physical activity are widely documented, policymakers still struggle to translate scientific evidence into policy, health experts say.
Sports 16-09-2014

Including people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace

SPECIAL REPORT: About 300 scholars, athletes and policymakers gathered on Monday (15 September) at the Special Olympics scientific symposium to discuss new and better ways to include people with intellectual disabilities in the labour market.

Special Olympics torch stops in Brussels EU’s district

SPECIAL REPORT: The Olympic flame arrived for the first time in Belgium as part of the Special Olympics European summer games on Tuesday (9 September), turning attention to an event few people in the EU sphere had heard of until now.
Sports 10-09-2014

European ‘Special Olympics’ kick off in Belgium

SPECIAL REPORT: Athletes with intellectual disabilities will be able to compete in different sports for the next ten days, at the Special Olympics European summer games in Belgium.
Sports 18-09-2012

Parliament mulls EU laws to fight organised crime in sport

Plans for an EU-wide legal approach to match-fixing and money laundering in sport are under way, with the European Parliament committee on mafia and organised crime holding a debate on the issue yesterday (17 September).
Sports 01-09-2011

EU funding for sports ‘must increase’: Report

Annual funding for the EU's sports policy must increase dramatically if it is to be fully effective, an independent evaluation has concluded. But the European Commission will not decide how much money to allocate to its future sports programme until the autumn. 
Sports 07-04-2011

UK Lords back EU budget for sports

Sport should be granted specific funding from the EU budget as it helps to deliver major policy objectives in areas like health, education and employment, argued a report published by the UK's House of Lords yesterday (6 April), giving weight to the European Commission's bid to ensure that the EU's new sports programme is adequately funded.  
Sports 03-02-2011

Sports organisations hail EU media rights plans

Leading sports organisations have backed plans by the European Commission to encourage collective selling of media rights in a bid to ensure that revenue is shared more evenly between sports clubs. But a British MEP expressed fear that the EU will interfere with TV rights for the English Premier League.  
Sports 18-01-2011

Commission unveils first-ever sport package

Combating doping in amateur sport, promoting social inclusion, gender equality and improving the health of Europeans are among the key policy areas to be addressed by the EU's new sports policy. But preparations for the launch were marred by concerns about how much funding would be available for EU sports policies.

Sports policy could help build ‘European identity’

The EU's sports policy has great potential to build a "common European identity," but is unfortunately under-funded and its success depends on political will, Laurent Thieule, president of a leading EU sports think-tank, told EURACTIV in an interview.

Sports ministers kick off EU policy dialogue

Ministers gathered for the first ever EU Sports Council last week agreed to establish a regular dialogue between representatives of sports movements and EU policymakers. But observers warned that it was not yet clear who was representing the sports movement in Brussels. 

Sports policy to fall victim of EU budget row

European Commission officials yesterday (18 November) expressed doubt as to whether they would have enough funding to launch the European Union’s new sports policy after talks on the EU budget for 2011 collapsed. 
Sports 15-11-2010

Commission looks to sports to drive EU Year of Volunteering

Involvement in sports can drive citizens' involvement in the European Year of Volunteering in 2011, said policymakers at a conference on sport and European citizenship last week. 
Sports 04-11-2010

Report: Discrimination in sports goes unacknowledged

A new report from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has identified incidents of racism, anti-Semitism and anti-Gypsyism in both amateur and professional football and basketball across the EU 27.
Sports 20-10-2010

UK Lords launch inquiry into EU grassroots sport

The UK's House of Lords today (20 October) launched an inquiry into grassroots sport and the European Union, ahead of the publication next month of the bloc's first ever sports policy.  
Sports 06-09-2010

MEPs push for grassroots sport

As the European Commission prepares to table its first ever EU sports programme in November, lawmakers are calling for initiatives to clearly prioritise funding for grassroots activities.
Sports 23-08-2010

EU asked to investigate drugs in football

A group of MEPs has asked the European Commission to establish a database to collect information on drugs taken by football players during their careers and to assess the causes of football-related disease, such as the deadly Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
Sports 30-07-2010

EU urged to remove obstacles to boosting volunteering in sport

As the European Commission prepares to table the first EU sports programme by the end of the year, stakeholders are calling for better recognition of the role of volunteering and want the EU to use the new competencies bestowed on it by the Lisbon Treaty to remove administrative obstacles.
Sports 22-06-2010

EU called upon to close ‘physical activity gap’

The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) has asked the European Commission to strengthen support for grassroots sport as a way of giving all Europeans the opportunity to be physically active.
Sports 17-06-2010

Parliament wants sports agents to get EU licence

In a drive to stop illegal practices involving football players' agents, the European Parliament adopted a resolution today (17 June) asking for the introduction of a European licensing system for agents.