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Economy & Jobs 23-04-2020

Reforms, investment and the EU Recovery Plan

The EU member states are finally discussing an ambitious European Recovery Plan and the good news is that they already have the right tool at hand, writes Dragoș Pîslaru.
Brexit 23-03-2018

The unbearable lightness of Brexit delusions

This week’s developments might cheer those who want to see the UK leave the EU. But they are a rude awakening for those who argued leaving the EU had no costs and a sad reminder that leaving the EU will be an act of self-harm, writes Petros Fassoulas.
Economy & Jobs 15-11-2017

Gothenburg – hot air or a real deal?

Hats off to the Swedish Government for proposing the EU social summit that takes place on Friday, writes Esther Lynch.
Brexit 27-06-2016

Door-slamming reactions to the UK won’t help

The UK needs 12-16 weeks to order its affairs. In the meantime, door-slamming reactions from the EU can only be counterproductive, Sir Graham Watson writes.
EU Priorities 2020 29-08-2014

Herman’s handbook for the new Council President

Despite a reputation for having the “charisma of a damp rag”, as Nigel Farage once put it, Van Rompuy made European Council meetings more efficient and his successor should learn a lot from him, writes Agata Gosty?ska.
Global Europe 10-01-2014

Lacklustre EU summit did little to spur defence and security momentum

EU leaders have missed a key opportunity to bring new momentum to common security and defence policy (CSDP) at their December EU summit. National prerogatives still prevail in key areas, preventing the EU from making bold strides forward, writes Lisa Watanabe. 
Competition 04-11-2013

Europe must bring the single market to the digital world

Digital change is ready to take the European telecoms sector by the throat. If we don’t change collectively, Europe’s competitiveness will slip just as the opportunities of the big data revolution arrive on our doorstep, Neelie Kroes writes.
Digital & Media 23-10-2013

Europe’s digital economy needs a new foundation

Europe’s digital health requires many things, but without infrastructure investment, rapid digital growth won’t happen, write Alan Marcus and David Dean.

A holistic approach to youth unemployment

A successful approach to youth unemployment requires a concerted, long-term effort that joins the forces of the public and private sectors, writes Giuseppe Porcaro.
Digital & Media 22-10-2013

Europe at the turning point

Europe is at a turning point as fewer than a third of people in France trust the EU, according to a eurobarometer poll. So Europe's leaders have to work together to shape a Europe that delivers for its citizens and this week's summit represents a chance to sweep away bureaucracy and move ahead on the digital economy, writes David Lidington.
Agrifood 06-11-2012

No more blank cheques for agriculture

The next phase of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) looks likely to be the continuation of the blank cheques of long-standing agriculture subsidies, an outcome that will be completely incomprehensible to the public, argue six European conservation, farm and rural groups.
Brexit 20-06-2012

The crisis cannot be solved; a new Europe will emerge

Any number of monetary sticking plasters won’t prevent political reality catching up with the changed Europe that follows the eurozone debt storm, argues Peter Wilding, warning it will also change Britain’s place in it.
Euro & Finance 01-02-2012

The new fiscal pact: The medicine that may end killing the patient

The newly agreed 'fiscal pact' in reality provides no kind of fiscal solidarity between the signing countries and it will not deliver unless the EU moves from European governance to European government, writes Joan Marc Simon from Democracia Global in Spain.
Future EU 15-12-2011

What are we afraid of losing by saving Europe?

The EU is in need of further integration in order to face the challenges posed by the financial crisis and act with a sense of solidarity and common responsibility, says Staffan Nilsson, president of the European Economic and Social Committee.
Brexit 13-12-2011

Britain and the European Union: Continuity or Rupture?

With UK and EU relations at a crossroads, David Cameron's veto seemed as an almost inevitable step to an already troubled relationship, argue Michael J. Geary from Maastricht University and Kevin A. Lees from Latham and Watkins LLP in Washington. The only hope now is that this veto will prevent the triggering of a possible referendum on the UK's membership.
Future EU 06-12-2011

Parliament’s duty is to fight for economic democracy

The necessity to extend the EU competence in the field of fiscal policy is crucial and it lies in the hands of the European Parliament to address it since the EU lacks credible leadership at the moment, says British Liberal MEP Andrew Duff.