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  • Sánchez cements leadership of Socialist bloc after EU vote

    News | EU Elections 2019 27-05-2019

    Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s sound victory in the EU elections confirmed the momentum of his party in Spain and positioned him as the leader of the European Socialists, as he seeks to grab an influential EU top job for Madrid.

  • Sánchez and Macron open the top EU jobs talk

    News | Future EU 27-05-2019

    Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Monday (27 May) and is expected to lobby for several socialist and social-democrat candidates for EU top jobs, as member states and political groups start jockeying for position.

  • The race for EU top posts heats up

    News | EU Elections 2019 24-05-2019

    Familiar faces and new names will be competing for the EU’s top jobs, as capitals are starting to manoeuvre and prepare the ground for their preferred candidates, EURACTIV has found out after talking to EU officials and diplomats.