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Economy 12-04-2023

Progress on forced labour products ban too slow, says leading rapporteur

Est. 6min

The Swedish Presidency’s progress on the regulation to prohibit products made with forced labour from the EU is “good news, but not enough”, according to the European Parliament's co-rapporteur on the file, Maria-Manuel Leitão-Marques.

Economy 23-02-2023

Politicisation as a boost for EU trade

Est. 8min

While free traders generally lament the politicisation of trade for its undermining effect on the multilateral trade order, the more geopolitical tensions might give some EU trade deals the impetus they need to get over the line.

Economy 06-02-2023

EU lawmaker: ‘Window of Opportunity’ for Mercosur trade agreement

Est. 4min

EU lawmaker Inma Rodríguez-Piñero called for a swift wrap-up of negotiations between the EU and the South-American trading bloc Mercosur after years of delay.

Economy 09-12-2022

EU, Chile conclude negotiations on new trade agreement

Est. 4min

hilean Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonia Urrejola came to Brussels on Friday (9 December) to conclude negotiations on a new, more far-reaching "Advanced Framework Agreement" that slashes most tariffs between the EU and Chile.

Economy 16-11-2022

Difficulties ahead for German push to revitalise EU-US trade relations

Est. 5min

The German government has proposed restarting EU-US free-trade agreement negotiations. However, it is unlikely a deal will be reached, as businesses and the European Commission set more hope on a step-by-step approach to remove trade barriers.

Global Europe 27-10-2022

EU, Latin American leaders seek closer ties amid Ukraine war fallout fears

Est. 4min

Latin American and EU leaders called for closer and better ties between their regions on Thursday (27 October), while lamenting Russia's invasion of Ukraine for stoking global inflation, poverty, and the risk of recession.

Global Europe 25-10-2022

EU says ‘fully committed’ to Mercosur deal as region comes into focus

Est. 3min

The EU is 'fully committed' to moving ahead with the stalling Mercosur free-trade deal with the South American bloc and should do so before “other actors intervene,” EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell said on Monday (24 October).

Economy 06-10-2022

The EU must realise how to make trade greener and more sustainable

Est. 4min

Trade and Sustainable Development Chapters (TSD) must be a cornerstone of our free trade agreements, and the EU must be able to ensure and monitor their effective implementation, write Marie-Pierre Vedrenne and Samira Rafaela. Renew MEP Marie-Pierre Vedrenne is vice-chair of …

Economy 01-08-2022

State of play in EU trade policy

Est. 5min

After a slow year, the EU's free trade agenda is picking up speed under the Czech EU Council presidency. Nevertheless, more momentum still seems to be on the unilateral trade measures currently being negotiated in the bloc.

OpinionStakeholder Opinion
EU-India 26-07-2022

The Primacy of Technology: Why digital needs to be at the core of the European Union’s relationship with India

Est. 7min

Speaking at a private event we held a few years ago, the former President of the European Council, Mr. Herman Von Rompuy, made an insightful comment: “Europe only and always makes progress during crises.” It is undeniable that the world has just faced down the mother of all crises in form of the pandemic, while so many risks still abound, ranging from climate and conflicts to stagflation and supply chain disruptions.

Economy 08-07-2022

Ukraine war marks ‘Zeitenwende’ for EU-trade policy, official says

Est. 4min

Amid rising geopolitical tensions and supply shortages due to the war in Ukraine, the EU is currently reassessing its trade policy, a senior official of the European Commission said.

Economy 23-06-2022

EU to strengthen sustainability enforcement in trade deals

Est. 3min

Sustainability concerns should receive increased attention in trade deals and, if necessary, also be enforced through sanctions, according to a new approach presented by the EU Commission on Wednesday (22 June).

Economy 07-06-2022

Supply Chains: From ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case’

Est. 4min

The pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have sent shockwaves through global supply chains, leading companies and policymakers to rethink their priorities, from efficiency to resilience.

Economy 27-04-2022

EU Commission wants to scrap import tariffs for Ukraine

Est. 3min

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday (27 April) scrapping for one year all EU tariffs and quotas on products imported from Ukraine, in a bid to support the Ukrainian economy that is suffering heavy losses due to the ongoing Russian invasion.

EU-China 09-03-2022

‘Lithuania mania’ sweeps Taiwan as China spat sizzles

Est. 4min

The tiny handful of Lithuanians living in Taiwan is suddenly in vogue among the island's residents after their small Baltic nation did something Taipei has long staked its identity on: stand up to China.

Economy 24-01-2022

An EU trade policy for true change on the ground

Est. 5min

If we want EU trade policy to become truly sustainable before the end of this legislature, the Commission and the Council need to step up their game, a group of MEPs write, presenting their New Year’s resolution to contribute to global fairness.

Economy 18-01-2022

British trade with Ireland slumps following Brexit

Est. 3min

Goods exports from Great Britain to Ireland have dropped by 20% since the United Kingdom left the single market, according to data published on Monday by Ireland’s Central Statistics Office.

Economy 14-10-2021

The EU’s path to trade sustainability

Est. 5min

As public support for EU free trade deals is waning, civil society groups are hoping to help tighten the bloc's standards on trade sustainability as part of an ongoing consultation.

Economy 18-08-2021

Trade policy must be sustainable or lose public support, says Parliament’s trade chief

Est. 6min

EU lawmakers must put sustainability at the heart of the bloc's trade policy or risk losing public support for it, says Bernd Lange. And that means having civil society at its heart, adds the German lawmaker who chairs the European Parliament’s International Trade committee.

Economy 18-03-2021

The new EU trade strategy: What’s actually new?

Est. 6min

The new EU trade strategy unveiled by the European Commission contains much to be welcomed, but not much that is new, writes Isabelle Brachet.

Economy 19-02-2021

CETA and Ireland Explained

Before the vote in Ireland’s parliament, the Dáil, EURACTIV takes a closer look at the impacts of CETA on Ireland and Irish exports into Canada, such as Irish Whiskey.

Agrifood 11-12-2020

Agrifood Brief, Special Edition: A closer look at EU agrifood trade 

Est. 36min

Welcome to this EURACTIV special edition on agrifood trade, where we take a closer look at each member state's position on trade and their country's own specific issues.

Agrifood 10-12-2020

Agrifood Podcast Special Edition: A closer look at EU agrifood trade

In this special edition of the agrifood podcast, EURACTIV’s agrifood team speaks with a range of experts, from lawmakers to academics and NGOs to bring you the nitty-gritty of the EU’s agrifood trade policy.

Economy 03-12-2020

China edges past US as Europe’s top trade partner

Est. 2min

China pushed past the United States in the third quarter to become the European Union's top trade partner, as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the US while Chinese activity rebounded.