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Andrew Duff
Global Europe 14-01-2016

The Frankfurt Protocol: Calling for a new treaty for the eurozone

Faced with a series of unprecedented difficulties, the EU has little choice but to move forward swiftly to the next stage of integration. The way to do that is through treaty change, argues Anfrew Duff in his latest pamphlet 'The Frankfurt Protocol'.
Future EU 13-01-2012

Defining threats beyond the eurozone crisis

Europe's economic and financial challenges are not the ultimate or even the defining threat to the European project, says Marin Lessenki, author of a new report published by the European Policies Initiative and Open Society Institute in Sofia.
Future EU 21-12-2011

A back-gear, not a forward-gear Union

By March 2012, Europe will finally have a form of fiscal union to govern the single currency. Unfortunately, this will be a pseudo fiscal union as it will be built like a car with no forward gear to drive investments into producing wealth and jobs, writes Jens-Peter Bonde, a former Danish MEP.