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  • Defining threats beyond the eurozone crisis

    Opinion | Future EU 13-01-2012

    Europe's economic and financial challenges are not the ultimate or even the defining threat to the European project, says Marin Lessenki, author of a new report published by the European Policies Initiative and Open Society Institute in Sofia.

  • Bundestag prepares to scrutinise EU fiscal treaty

    News | Future EU 22-12-2011

    As negotiations over the EU's new 'fiscal compact' begin in Brussels, German lawmakers in Berlin promise to make their voices heard. And the legal hurdles abound, according to Patrick Sensburg, a Christian Democrat (CDU) lawmaker who chairs the Bundestag's Subcommittee on European Law. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • A back-gear, not a forward-gear Union

    Opinion | Future EU 21-12-2011

    By March 2012, Europe will finally have a form of fiscal union to govern the single currency. Unfortunately, this will be a pseudo fiscal union as it will be built like a car with no forward gear to drive investments into producing wealth and jobs, writes Jens-Peter Bonde, a former Danish MEP.

  • German MP: Bundestag will participate in EU fiscal union pact

    Interview | Euro & Finance 21-12-2011

    As negotiations over the EU's new 'fiscal compact' begin in Brussels, the Bundestag promises to make its voice heard. EURACTIV Germany spoke with Patrick Sensburg, a Christian Democratic MP who chairs the Subcommittee on European Law.

  • Europe’s new treaty: Towards a multi-speed Union

    Policy Brief | Future EU 15-12-2011

    All 27 EU countries – except Britain and the Czech Republic – have agreed on a new treaty for tighter fiscal discipline and deeper economic integration to save the euro currency. The treaty came into force on 1 January 2013.

  • Treaty change: What the Parliament thinks

    News | Future EU 09-12-2011

    Political groups in the European Parliament are widely sceptical of a Franco-German push for a treaty change, arguing it will do little to solve the eurozone crisis in the near term. EURACTIV has compiled the views of the Assembly's main political groups.

  • Cameron to bring ultimatum to summit

    News | Brexit 07-12-2011

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said he will not agree to a limited and fast-track treaty change proposal at the 8-9 December EU summit, unless it includes a safeguard to protect the interests of the City of London.

  • Sir Graham Watson: The French-German motor is kaput

    Interview | Future EU 30-11-2011

    Angela Merkel refuses to develop Eurobonds or to allow the European Central Bank to be a lender of last resort, while Nicolas Sarkozy may need one of those options to emerge from difficulty, which means that the French-German motor is "kaput", newly elected European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party leader Sir Graham Watson told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.