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  • Cameron not worried by Britain’s Europe isolation

    News | Brexit 27-01-2012

    Britain should be relaxed about being "out of the room" when Europe discusses eurozone issues, Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday (26 January), dismissing any prospect of signing up to a new treaty with other EU states to enforce stricter budget controls.

  • Poland demands voice on euro to join new fiscal pact

    News | Euro & Finance 25-01-2012

    Poland, a European Union member but outside the eurozone, warned on yesterday (24 January) it could not sign up to the bloc's new treaty on tighter fiscal rules if it is not allowed to take part in meetings of the single-currency states.

  • Legal challenges await EU fiscal treaty in Ireland

    News | Future EU 25-01-2012

    Ireland may still have to hold a referendum on Europe's new fiscal treaty even if the government decides next month that it does not need a popular vote to sign up to the pact.

  • New treaty gets EU legal clearance, UK sidelined

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 16-12-2011

    A draft intergovernmental treaty to tighten fiscal discipline in the eurozone has received the green light from the European Council's legal service, paving the way for a final text to be agreed by the end of January, EU officials said on Friday (16 December).

  • Europe’s new treaty: Towards a multi-speed Union

    Policy Brief | Future EU 15-12-2011

    All 27 EU countries – except Britain and the Czech Republic – have agreed on a new treaty for tighter fiscal discipline and deeper economic integration to save the euro currency. The treaty came into force on 1 January 2013.

  • Sarkozy embraces German calls for EU treaty change, austerity

    News | Future EU 23-11-2011

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy has embraced a German campaign for treaty change that could give European authorities intrusive powers to intervene in the national budgets of countries sharing the euro currency. The European Commission is due to present plans today (23 November) for greater fiscal surveillance in the eurozone.

  • Cameron talks treaty change with EU chiefs

    News | Brexit 18-11-2011

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron held a series of discreet talks with top EU officials in Brussels on Friday (18 November), with treaty change featuring prominently in the agenda, sources told EURACTIV.

  • Treaty change comes back on EU’s agenda

    News | Future EU 23-10-2011

    Preparations should be made for European treaty change according to the conclusions from today's (23 October) EU summit, following a lengthy dispute over the relative powers of the eurozone and wider EU 27 countries.

  • Federalist resurgence needed

    Opinion | Future EU 20-10-2011

    The debt crisis has highlighted the limits of inter-governmental cooperation in the euro zone. Attempting to manage a single currency with 17 separate economic policies is like squaring the circle, write Guy Verhofstadt, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and other politicians at the Spinelli Group, which campaigns for a federalist Europe.

  • Friends and foes of EU treaty change clash in first duel

    News | Future EU 14-10-2011

    Ahead of a crucial EU summit on the debt crisis, supporters and opponents of amending the bloc's Treaty to strengthen the euro zone locked horns yesterday (13 October) in Brussels, amid growing calls by Germany to reopen the institutional debate.

  • Merkel: EU Treaty change ‘should not be taboo’

    News | Future EU 06-10-2011

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her openness to modifying the EU treaties on a visit to Brussels yesterday (5 October), making an overture to British Eurosceptics who are seeking to use the euro zone debt crisis to repatriate powers back to Westminster.

  • UK finance minister expects EU treaty change within two years

    News | Brexit 14-09-2011

    Europe could agree to broad changes to existing legislation within a year or two that would pave the way for greater fiscal integration of members of the euro zone, British finance minister George Osborne said yesterday (13 September).

  • Europe should bridge solidarity gap

    Opinion | Social Europe & Jobs 07-09-2011

    Even though solidarity is supposedly at the heart of the EU Treaties, financial operators and citizens are not convinced and confusion reigns. It is imperative that EU countries come up with a European solidarity pact to pool resources for boosting growth and competitiveness, writes centre-right MEP Alain Lamassoure.