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Global Europe 09-01-2020

Unilateral sanctions targeting Russia come at cost to transatlantic relationship

US sanctions designed to undermine Russian natural gas exports to Europe specifically target European-based companies at the risk of further weakening an already fragile US-European relationship, write Martin Jirušek and Robert Dillon.  

Iran and the US are inching toward war

There can be little doubt now that Iran and the US are inching toward full-scale war. All attempts by either to force a change in the other’s behavior have come to nothing. Conflict now seems inevitable, writes Dnyanesh Kamat.
Future EU 01-02-2019

Reimagining the social fabric

Popular protests and political upheaval across Europe and the US suggest that the fabric of society is eroding and must be rebuilt, argues Antoine Ripoll.
Global Europe 04-07-2018

Trump is wrong: Guns alone don’t make a superpower

Since his election, US President Donald Trump has been wreaking havoc wherever he goes and his next target is most probably NATO, warns Shada Islam.
Data protection 18-09-2017

Privacy Shield: A strong framework for transatlantic digital trade

The Privacy Shield agreement has already improved data protection and digital trade between the EU and the US in its first year, and that should continue, writes Victoria A. Espinel.
Energy 08-08-2017

US sanctions and Nord Stream 2: Every dog has its day?

The US’ new Russia sanctions only added fuel to the EU’s divisions over how to deal with Russian energy, write Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk, Bartosz Wiśniewski.
Economy & Jobs 13-03-2017

Three Trump actions that could rattle Europe’s economy

Recent declarations from the White House risk souring the long-standing economic friendship between Europe and the United States, writes Ilaria Maselli.
Digital 01-08-2016

Privacy Shield: A victory for the transatlantic economy

The EU-US Privacy Shield goes live today (1 August). Věra Jourová and Penny Pritzker argue that this is good for citizens, businesses and the economy on both sides of the Atlantic.
Traditional Dutch cheese [Ali Eminov/Flickr]
Agrifood 17-07-2014

EU’s trade strategy on food favours the few at the expense of the many

EU member states negotiating the EU-US free trade agreement, TTIP, are defending the interests of just some member states and a very small number of producers. Europe would be better off focusing on ways to improve commerce for all, writes Allen Johnson.
Digital 16-05-2014

Time to modernise trade rules for the global digital economy

Software innovation is threatened by a new wave of protectionism in the digital economy. EU and US negotiators can use the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) to take a stand against this troubling trend, writes Victoria Espinel.
Global Europe 28-02-2014

Steinmeier’s mission impossible?

A continuing refusal to deal with the NSA scandal and its fallout will be a sign of Germany’s degradation in the US’s geostrategic outlook. The next two days are crucial. Steinmeier’s repair-and-reconfirm mission faces a significant challenge, writes Annette Heuser.
Trade & Society 19-02-2014

TTIP: The hurdles to overcome

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a huge opportunity that neither the US nor Europe can afford to waste and it requires all involved to undertake all efforts necessary to address at least the main hurdles with realism and determination, writes Hendrik Bourgeois.
Aart De Geus [Bertelsmann Foundation]
Trade & Society 22-01-2014

Free trade needs balance

The transatlantic trade agreement TTIP, negotiated between the EU and US, could become the nucleus of an agreement on global standards for food safety, environmental protection, data protection and workers’ rights. This could be an ideal opportunity to generate a public debate on these EU values, argues Aart de Geus.
Global Europe 25-10-2013

The erosion of the transatlantic trust

Until now the Iraq War defined the nadir in trans-Atlantic relations. But that disagreement concerned military intervention. This time, the NSA scandal touches the fundamental issue of trust and that means the consequences of a rupture are more severe, writes Annette Hauser.
Global Europe 07-11-2012

US Election: Gridlock and foreign policy

The United States held elections, and nothing changed. Barack Obama remains president. The Democrats remain in control of the Senate with a non-filibuster-proof majority. And the Republicans remain in control of the House of Representatives, writes George Friedman.
Global Europe 16-12-2010

Partnership for Innovation

If the EU and the US connect their markets at this week's Trans-Atlantic Economic Council meeting, a new era of transatlantic innovation can begin, writes William E. Kennard, the US Ambassador to the European Union.
EU Priorities 2020 27-10-2008

Rebuilding EU-US relations

"There is a new window of opportunity to rebuild relations between the US and the EU as the Bush era draws to a close," according to Ronald D. Asmus, executive director of the Brussels-based Transatlantic Centre, a think tank.
EU Priorities 2020 27-08-2008

Sharing a vision of the ‘New Europe’

"The vocation of Europe in the course of the 21st century is to become the lever of step-by-step intercontinental convergence and unification," writes former Belgian Prime Minister Mark Eyskens in an August paper for Europe's World, claiming that one must look to the future "to understand Europe's current choices".
Global Europe 29-05-2008

What Europe may expect from an Obama Presidency

As the US presidential elections approach, questions are being asked as to what Europeans may expect from a potential Obama presidency, writes Julianne Smith in a blog post on Atlantic-community.org. 
Energy 18-06-2007

Energy security and Iran: Assessing the transatlantic divide

A new chapter offered by the election of President Sarkozy in France and the elevation of Gordon Brown to UK prime minister provides a chance of better transatlantic relations over Iran and energy security, claims Simon Henderson – director of the Gulf and Energy Policy Programme at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy – in a June essay for the Transatlantic Institute.
Security 18-02-2005

Rogue states: The stick or the carrot?

In this article from café babelPrune Antoine underlines that the US and the EU have very different approaches when it comes to dealing with rogue states.