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Economy & Jobs 08-10-2019

Malmstrom: ‘We cannot do much to protect individual countries on the Airbus case’

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is no longer optimistic when it comes to avoiding US tariffs on goods, thanks to the result of the WTO Airbus case.
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Trade & Society 17-06-2013

EC Barroso on EU-US trade agreement

France cleared the European Union to launch free-trade talks with the United States last Friday (14 June) after fellow EU members accepted its demand to shield movies and online entertainment from the might of Hollywood and Silicon Valley.
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Trade & Society 13-03-2013

Europe fires starting gun for EU-US trade talks – EU’s Barroso statement

The European Commission recommended yesterday (12 March) that EU member states authorise the launch of negotiations for a transatlantic trade and investment agreement.