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Economy & Jobs 17-11-2017

Fighting the Trump trade threat: The EU must go through Congress

The Trump administration's actions on trade so far reflect a mixture of traditional, assertive American approaches and more troubling new ideas that could have serious consequences, writes Noah Gordon, warning that Europe has a lot to lose in a steel trade war against the US.
Monique goyens
Trade & Society 04-05-2016

Since when is TTIP not a BIG deal?

If the European Commission wishes to live up to its promise to take protection of our standards seriously, it has to cut short on its spin that a deal by the end of this year is still achievable, writes Monique Goyens.
Languages & Culture 19-10-2015

TTIP, public service media and cultural diversity

Ten years on from the adoption of the UNESCO Convention, its principles are more relevant than ever today and have a crucial role to play in any future transatlantic trade deal, writes Jean-Paul Philippot.
Bruno Maçães, Portugal’s State Secretary for European Affairs [Photo: Bruno Maçães's office]
Energy 04-06-2014

Energy revolution from East to West

An energy pact between the EU and the US could easily be extended to Canada, Mexico, Norway and perhaps even Brazil, forcing Russia to embrace a transition eastwards of its own, writes Bruno Maçães.
Global Europe 31-03-2014

TTIP: A remarkable opportunity

Regardless of pessimistic views held by some NGOs, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) offers a remarkable opportunity to seek efficiencies between EU and US chemical management systems, writes Hubert Mandery.
Harry van Dorenmalen, Chairman, IBM Europe
Languages & Culture 21-03-2014

Big data is in danger of becoming demonised

The Internet is making big data and the tools needed to make sense of it, widely available around the world. But despite the valuable knowledge it helps generate, data is in danger of becoming demonised, writes Harry van Dorenmalen.