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  • EU-US trade talks seen dragging on until mid-2016

    News | Trade & Society 21-02-2014

    As the European Union and the United States wrap up a week of talks on the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) in Washington, the EU still says it hopes to have something to show before the European elections in May. But observers say the real, final deadline is mid 2016, just before the US elections.

  • Free trade needs balance

    Opinion | Trade & Society 22-01-2014

    The transatlantic trade agreement TTIP, negotiated between the EU and US, could become the nucleus of an agreement on global standards for food safety, environmental protection, data protection and workers’ rights. This could be an ideal opportunity to generate a public debate on these EU values, argues Aart de Geus.

  • TTIP puts the EU’s environmental and social policies on the line

    Opinion | Trade & Society 13-01-2014

    The European Commission has repeatedly promised civil society that the TTIP negotiations with the US will not lead to a race to the bottom on environmental protection, health and safety standards and consumer rights. But as negotiations progress, civil society groups on both sides of the Atlantic are increasingly feeling uneasy, ten leading NGOs write.

  • Farming boss: TTIP must not rock the boat

    Interview | Agrifood 03-12-2013

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership the EU and the US are trying to establish is being called the "mother of all bilateral trade agreements", but negotiators must jump the potentially damaging hurdles of GMOs and hormone-raised meat and avoid rocking consumer confidence in either market, says Pekka Pesonen.

  • EU extends deal on beef imports from US

    News | Agrifood 02-08-2013

    The European Union will continue to import high-quality US beef from non-hormone-treated cattle at zero duty, extending an agreement for at least another two years, US authorities said on Thursday (1 August).

  • Chase: Dynamics have to change to deliver EU-US trade deal

    Interview | Trade & Society 13-06-2013

    The single biggest problem facing the EU-US talks to deliver a transatlantic trade and investment agreement (TTIP) is the culture of trade negotiations. It is not about I win, you lose but rather we both win or we both lose, said US Chamber of Commerce, Peter Chase.