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  • The EU’s Nobel Peace Prize: Better late than never

    Future EU 15-10-2012

    People like Monnet, Schuman, Altiero Spinelli, Paul-Henri Spaak, Max Kohnstamm, Emile Noël, and Konrad Adenauer, amongst others, were all disappointingly overlooked by the Nobel Committee at the time of the EU’s genesis. Posthumously, this is their Nobel Peace Prize, argues Michael J. Geary.

  • Britain, Europe and referendums

    Brexit 17-08-2012

    Europe is the key to the future of the coalition government in Britain. Unless the current tendency to pander to the eurosceptic right is abandoned, the Liberal Democrats will be inevitably driven into a future coalition with a Labour Party that has declined to commit political suicide by heading too far to the left, writes Tom Spencer.

  • EU at the Olympics: An invisible powerhouse

    Sports 26-07-2012

    The London Games should confirm the EU’s position as a major soft power (at least in its sportive dimension), despite the global financial turmoil and economic crisis on the Old Continent, writes Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski.

  • Risk of EU contemplation regarding Ukraine

    Europe's East 20-07-2012

    In the present agenda of cooperation between the EU and Ukraine, it makes no sense to discuss visa liberalisation, argues Viktor Tkachuk.

  • High offshore safety standards in North Sea must not be risked

    Energy 16-07-2012

    The European Commission’s intention to improve safety in offshore oil and gas across Europe by using the UK’s best practices should be welcomed. However, the form of legislation proposed would have the opposite effect and undo decades of established regulatory experience - putting the safety of workers at risk, writes Malcolm Webb, chief executive of Oil & Gas UK.

  • Ukraine’s next challenge

    Special Report | Public Affairs 09-07-2012

    Only a short time ago, nobody believed Ukraine could deliver on Euro 2012. In the event, Ukraine rose to the challenge and, together with Poland, hosted one of the most successful tournaments ever. Now Ukraine’s leadership must rise to another challenge. It must demonstrate in actions rather than words that it is committed to European integration, argues Amanda Paul.

  • Euro 2012: Five lessons learned in Ukraine

    Special Report | Ukraine 02-07-2012

    The Euro 2012 became a genuine festival of people-to-people contacts and cultural exchange in a wider United Europe by taking place in "undiscovered territory" - Ukraine, Kostiantyn Yelisieiev say in an op-ed first published in The Guardian.

  • Ukraine and the political disintegration of Europe

    Europe's East 20-06-2012

    The EU isn't sure of its own political future, while Ukraine has no foreign policy strategy at all. However disappointing this may be, in these circumstances both Brussels and Kyiv have no other choice than to "imitate" that they are maintaining relations, agues Viktor Tkachuk.

  • Europe’s risky tolerance of tension in the Caucasus

    Global Europe 19-06-2012

    Military tensions have grown in recent weeks between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Charles Tannock argues that the EU should take steps to diffuse the situation.

  • China in Greenland: A challenge for the European Union

    Sustainable Development 15-06-2012

    There are clear signs of competition between the European Union and China to gain access to the strategic assets of Greenland, and they will continue to show during Hu Jintao's state visit in Denmark these days, argues Damien Degeorges.

  • Can the EU save the two-state solution?

    Global Europe 13-06-2012

    The Obama administration is busy fighting for re-election and has already failed to produce a breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. So now might be the time for Europe to take the lead, argue Dimitris Bouris and Stuart Reigeluth.

  • A more assertive Russia: consequences for Ukraine

    Central Asia 08-06-2012

    The geography of the first official visits of Russian President Vladimir Putin illustrates the priority status of his project for a Eurasian Union, argues Roman Rukomeda.