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Enlargement 24-06-2022

Bulgarian parliament opens the door to the EU for North Macedonia

Bulgarian parliament handed a mandate on Friday (24 June) to the outgoing cabinet of Kiril Petkov to approve a French proposal allowing Sofia to lift its veto on the start of North Macedonia's EU accession talks.
Global Europe 24-06-2022

EUCO: Leaders talk enlargement, give initial nod to Ukraine, Moldova

EU leaders granted the candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova at a summit in Brussels on 23 June but gave a cold shoulder to the Western Balkans'  EU aspirations.
Enlargement 23-06-2022

Bulgarian PM hints at chance to lift the veto, after summit

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said on Thursday (23 June) there was no chance Bulgaria would lift its veto on North Macedonia during this EU summit but hinted a solution could be imminent in the coming days.

Germany pushes to tie together enlargement and EU reform

While German Chancellor Scholz has demonstrated support for EU accession processes, he stressed on Wednesday (22 June) that enlargement must be tied to institutional reform of the EU.
Agrifood 30-05-2022

EU leaders to consider ‘all available ways’ to bypass Russian food export blockade

EU leaders will consider all available ways to circumvent the food export blockade imposed by Russia on Ukraine's ports, including a naval mission to escort cargo ships, but will not concede to Russia's demands to lift sanctions, sources told EURACTIV.
Europe's East 30-05-2022

EU summit unlikely to adopt Russia oil ban, will look at ‘the broader picture’

Attempts to negotiate a compromise to get Hungary to back a Russian oil ban before a EU summit later on Monday (30 May) have made no progress. Reportedly, leaders don't want to squabble and will look at "the bigger picture". 
Eastern Europe 25-03-2022

Protect Western Balkans from Putin, EU leaders tell Biden

The Western Balkans, though not officially on the agenda of the three summits in Brussels on 24-25 March, turned out to be the background tune of the high-level meetings as some EU leaders used their time with visiting US President Joe Biden to insist on the region's importance.
Global Europe 16-03-2022

Biden to attend Brussels NATO and EU summits on 24 March

US President Joe Biden will make his first visit to Europe since the invasion of Ukraine to discuss the crisis with NATO allies next week, the White House said as the refugee tally hit 3 million amid Russian air strikes.
Enlargement 10-03-2022

EU leaders unlikely to agree on Ukraine’s candidate status

EU leaders are to pledge support but are likely to stop short of offering fast-track EU membership to Ukraine when they meet for an informal summit in Paris on Thursday (10 March), according to a draft statement, seen by EURACTIV....
Energy 08-03-2022

LEAK: EU leaders to consider phasing out Russian fossil fuels

EU heads of states and government will consider ways to “phase out our dependency on Russian gas, oil and coal imports” at an informal meeting later this week, according to leaked draft summit conclusions seen by EURACTIV.
Europe's East 24-02-2022

Next steps: EU likely to target Russia’s financial sector, ban technology exports

**Adds more details on second sanctions package  The EU is expected to give political approval to the second package of sanctions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine later on Thursday (24 February), which could include a range of far-reaching measures. However,...
Europe's East 17-12-2021

EU leaders warn Russia of ‘massive consequences’ in case of aggression against Ukraine

EU leaders on Thursday (16 December) agreed to coordinate with allies over potential sanctions against Russia in the event of further military aggression on Ukraine. The problem remains to define what level of escalation would trigger what sort of response.
Banking union 17-12-2021

EU leaders set no date for banking union, ask for plan to get there

European Union leaders reiterated on Thursday (16 December) their political commitment to finishing the bloc's banking union, but set no date for it, underlining the deep disagreements between governments on what needs to be done to get there.
Politics 16-12-2021

AS IT HAPPENED: Leaders discuss Russia, vaccination, migration

EU leaders come together for the last summit of the year on Thursday (16 December) to discuss external challenges (migration, Russia), agree on ways to boost vaccination and contain the coronavirus pandemic and try to breathe life into a joint security and defence vision for the bloc.
Enlargement 14-12-2021

New Bulgarian PM proposes ‘very fast process’ to lift North Macedonia veto

The new Bulgarian government will propose a "very fast" new process that should help Sofia lift its veto and unlock the start of neighbouring North Macedonia's EU accession negotiations, Bulgaria's new prime minister, Kiril Petkov, has told the Financial Times. The announcement was welcomed by Skopje.
Technology 22-10-2021

EU leaders push for ‘innovation friendliness’ in digital policy

EU leaders stressed the need to make digital regulation more innovation-friendly, but the digital agenda remained at the margins of the European Council summit.

EU leaders caught in either-or argument over European defence strategy

Amid disunity over the way forward on European defence, EU leaders discussed on Tuesday night (5 October) whether the bloc should enhance its capacity to act independently while strengthening its partnership with NATO.

EU leaders to discuss soaring energy prices

Leaders of European Union countries will discuss surging energy prices when they meet next month, as governments scramble to cushion households from the soaring cost of gas and power.
Global Europe 25-06-2021

Merkel says ‘sovereign’ EU should be able to talk to Putin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday (25 June) insisted that the EU should be able to talk to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, after other leaders from the bloc thwarted her push for a summit.
Global Europe 25-06-2021

Bulgarian president: A summit with Putin is a matter of realism

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev told reporters after an EU summit on Friday (25 June) that he had strongly supported the proposal of French and German leaders to hold an EU summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying it would help the bloc's ambition to become a global player.
Climate change 25-05-2021

Bulgaria’s Radev hardens tone on EU climate policy

In what appears to have been a preview of his statement at the EU summit, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev told journalists in Brussels on Tuesday (25 May) that the EU's climate policy comported “dangers” for low-income countries like his.
Global Europe 25-05-2021

At EU summit, Spain warns of ‘unprecedented crisis with Morocco’

Spain sent a clear message to Morocco Monday (24 May), insisting on respect for its shared borders a week after over 8,000 migrants entered its Ceuta enclave, with 1,000 minors still there.
Europe's East 25-05-2021

EU leaders agree to pile sanctions on Belarus over jetliner ‘state piracy’

Western powers prepared to pile sanctions on Belarus and cut off its aviation links, furious after it scrambled a warplane to intercept a Ryanair aircraft and arrest a dissident journalist, an act one leader denounced as 'state piracy'.
Climate change 24-05-2021

EU leaders to debate who will pay for the green transition

European Union leaders meet to debate how to split the efforts and costs of the bloc's shift to a low-carbon future, at a summit that will set the tone for an upcoming revamp of EU climate change policies.