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Criticism as Kosovo justice mission EULEX closes judicial operations

As an EU judicial mission prepares to leave Kosovo, the assessments of its decade-long mandate are mixed -- hailed by officials but criticised by the public.
Enlargement 03-04-2018

Ending state capture in the Balkans – bridging the gap between EU words and deeds

The EU is still failing to address the issue of state capture in the Balkans and, by choosing stability over democracy in the region, has been undermining its own credibility and values. But now it must take strong actions in view of the 2025 admission perspective, writes Shpend Ahmeti.  

EU and Kosovo disagree over role of legal mission, cases suspended

All court cases in Kosovo handled by European Union prosecutors and judges were suspended today (15 June) after the Balkan country failed to extend their mandate because of a dispute over the role of the EU’s legal mission.

Expert slams EU’s handling of Kosovo corruption case

A French law professor criticised yesterday (14 April) the European Union's handling of corruption allegations involving an EU mission in Kosovo, the bloc's biggest civilian mission abroad.
Enlargement 10-04-2015

‘Greater Albania’ statement awakens old ghosts in Balkans

Belgrade was upset. Left out of Europe, an isolated Albania had threatened to unify with Kosovo, and awaken conflicts in the Balkans, Prime Minister Edi Rama had said.
Global Europe 05-11-2014

EU to appoint legal expert to investigate Kosovo mission

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini will name an independent legal expert to look into accusations of corruption at the European Union's mission in Kosovo.

EU Kosovo mission shaken by corruption allegations

The European Union mission in Kosovo, meant to help the state develop its justice system, urged Kosovars yesterday (30 October) not to lose trust over allegations at least two senior staffers took bribes to drop criminal charges.
Enlargement 18-02-2013

Kosovo marks independence ahead of renewed talks with Serbia

Kosovo marked five years since it seceded from Serbia on Sunday (17 February), with flag-filled streets, a military parade and growing signs of progress in EU-mediated talks to regulate relations between the Balkan neighbours.
Enlargement 16-11-2012

EU force charges Kosovo politician, six others with corruption

A former government minister is among seven Kosovo Albanians charged with corruption by a European Union prosecutor, officials said on Friday (16 November).

West to grant Kosovo full sovereignty

Western powers prepared today (10 September) to grant Kosovo full sovereignty, ending formal international supervision of the former Serbian province that unilaterally declared independence in 2008.
Global Europe 15-12-2011

Major irritant defused ahead of EU-Russia summit

The European Commission reached agreement with the Russian government yesterday (14 December) on ensuring passage of a humanitarian convoy from Russia to Kosovo's Serbs, defusing what could have become a major irritant at the ongoing EU-Russia summit.
Enlargement 29-09-2011

Kosovo violence weakens Serbia’s pro-EU coalition

EU-brokered negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo collapsed again following another violent clash between international peacekeepers and Serbs from northern Kosovo.
Global Europe 12-08-2011

Serbian ambassador: US is sole power-broker in Kosovo

Serbia and other key international players believe that the US plays a decisive role in the territory, including during the recent checkpoint tension between Belgrade and Pristina, according to Ivo Viskovi?, the Serbian ambassador to Berlin, who spoke exclusively to EURACTIV Germany in a wide-ranging interview.
Enlargement 28-07-2011

Tension grows at Serbia-Kosovo border

Masked Serbs attacked and burned down a border post at the Serbia-Kosovo border yesterday (27 July) and fired at members of NATO's KFOR peacekeeping force. Two days ago Kosovo forces had launched a similar attack. The EU strongly condemned both attacks.
Enlargement 14-07-2011

Agreement between Serbia and Kosovo: Oral promises

After protracted negotiations, agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on travel documents and licence plates should make life easier for both Serbs and Kosovars, argues Serbian news agency Beta.
Enlargement 30-03-2011

Thousands protest against EU’s Kosovo mission

Thousands of people took to the streets of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, to protest against the EU's law enforcement mission Eulex, which was recently behind the arrest of Kosovar rebels for war crimes committed during the 1998-99 war of secession from Serbia.
Enlargement 26-01-2011

Kosovo PM is ‘big fish’ in organised crime: NATO

Newly re-elected Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi is one of the "biggest fish" in organised crime in the country, according to NATO documents leaked to the UK's Guardian newspaper. The European Commission said it was taking reports of war crimes and organised crime "extremely seriously," but added that it was seeking concrete evidence.
Enlargement 12-11-2010

Kosovo official indicted for organ trafficking

A European Union prosecutor has named seven suspects in connection with an international organ trafficking network, BETA, EURACTIV's partner in Serbia, reported today (12 November). According to press reports, at least one of them held a high position in Kosovo's health ministry.

EU Kosovo mission steps up corruption crackdown

EULEX, the EU's law enforcement mission in Kosovo, has carried out a string of high-profile arrests leading to charges against government officials in the former Serbian province, which declared its independence in 2008.
Enlargement 16-07-2010

EU police raid Kosovo Telecom in corruption probe

EU and Kosovo police yesterday (16 July) raided four companies suspected of corruption over a mobile phone licence, including Kosovo Telecom, EU rule of law mission EULEX has announced.